21 May 2018


I ended my last post right after putting away the Christmas decorations.  I'm starting this one just a few weeks shy of Summer break.  To say that we have been busy is quite the understatement.  To say that we are blessed... even a bigger one!!

Every year, after the Christmas Holidays, I always seem to get the post-Holiday blues. Well, no time for that this year.  We hit the ground running!!!
It started with our little buddy, Jett, earning an award for displaying Empathy & Integrity!  He is such a caring, kind boy & we are so very proud of him!
I had seen on Facebook that a fawn had been taken to our nearby Veterinary Clinic, after it's momma had been hit by a car.  Of course, I had to go up there to meet precious "Tink".
 We always seem to find time for a little adventure:  down at the creek & with Grandy.

 As Jett & Delilah get older we realize the importance of doing things with them, one on one.  It sure makes for special days.  Jett went to a birthday party and Delilah & I got some pampering and then hit up Bahama Bucks.

Here are a few pics of the "wildlife" around & IN our home... (Cinder is still with us, just not as easy to photograph that grouchy, little girl!)

Rich & Delilah attended their very first "Daddy-Daughter Dance" in February!  She kept saying over & over: "This is the best day of my life!"
It's been several years since Rich was at a station where he was actually THERE enough for us to pay him a visit.  As soon as we could, we went to check out his temporary station and break in the hoses.

The Twins are always doing lots of art projects in school.  These, teaching about the different seasons, earth & space, turned out really great!

Rich & I try to sneak in a date as often as possible.  One day, after dropping the kiddos off at school, we went to a donut shop, Duck Donuts.  Rich's fave was the one with maple icing and bacon bits!
Jett has really been enjoying and thriving in Jiu Jitsu.  It has taught him self discipline, strength, flexibility & confidence. 
Valentines Day has always been so much fun.  This year we made Valentines boxes and treats/cards to hand out to our classmates. 

Right before Valentines Day Delilah was diagnosed with the Flu.  It had been going on pretty rampantly this year, and poor Birdie caught the nasty bug! She stayed home from school several days.

Thankfully, my little girl recovered in time for us to board a plane headed to Boston, on Valentines Day!  We spent several days there to celebrate Great Granny's birthday!  We had  a fantastic day visiting with Auntie Jen & Uncle David... we toured their new home; played a round of candlestick bowling; ate pizza & had yummy ice-cream for dessert.  At Great Granny's birthday celebration we caught up with Niki, TJ, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Frank, Billy, all of the kids and many friends and neighbors.  We also also had the opportunity to spend some time with Glenn, Amy & the kids.  It was a fabulous trip!! The night before we came home, it snowed!! We all had some fun playing in the fluffy, white stuff!

A few random photos from February... haircuts, game night, GT classes, working, wildlife & my favorite... Sunday snuggles with my babies!

There is a feed store not far from our home, that we stop at for deer corn.  They also sell chicks there!  Jett & Delilah would've purchased every one of them, if allowed.  (They were so tiny and just precious!)
We attended birthday parties for two very special people... Ava & Tucker!  Ava had a party filled with jewelry making and piñatas.  For Tucker's, they went roller skating and had yummy pizza!  Such fun & great friends!

For Spring Break we decided, pretty much last minute, to go camping!  Yes! Me, camping!!! Before you start laughing toooo hard, we borrowed a friends travel trailer, SO no sleeping in tents.  Whew!  We joined the Strottner's in a trip to Carlsbad, New Mexico!  While there we went to Artesia, Carlsbad Caverns & Sitting Bull Falls (that was my favorite!).  It was a long drive, there & back but so worth it.  We made wonderful memories with great friends.

On St. Patrick's Day, Grandy took Jett & Delilah on an adventure while Rich & I met up with some friends.  After starting the day with mimosa's, we joined the Moore family and went to Chick's Meat Market & Beer Garden.  Live music and cold beer... it was a great day.
 Build-your-own ice cream sundaes are always a hit!!

Every time Jett & Delilah have their photos taken, they seem to age 5 years!  Here are the ones for Spring of 2018!
 Every Spring, the annual photos in the middle of the bluebonnet wildflowers are always a must.  This year there seemed to be a TON of them!
Now that our husbands are on the same shift, Priscilla and I have enjoyed getting the kids together for play dates.  The girls played dress up, the boys played on the Xbox; & we all decorated Easter cookies. I just love watching these 4 kids play together!
The Wagner's invited us over for their annual Easter Saturday get-together.  There was yummy food and about a zillion hidden eggs for the kids to search for.
 Here are some March favorite photos...
Easter was a little tricky this year... it fell on the same day as April Fool's Day!  While we didn't have too many jokes, we did have a great time celebrating Our Lord. Grandy, Clarence, Milo, Brisa, Leia, Kevin & Angela Walker & Trinity all came over to join us!  All of us searched for eggs (even the adults got to join in the fun with some eggs containing mini liquor bottles).  We finished off the fantastic afternoon dying eggs with shaving cream and food dye & then a golf cart trip ride down to the creek.

Our Team, Rangel Real Estate Group hosted a Client Appreciation PicNic at Bigz Burger Joint.  It was a great turn out & the kids, especially, seemed to enjoy themselves. Afterwards, Priscilla & I took the kiddos to Sandra's for a little dinner and a lot of playing.

Another proud Mommy & Daddy moment... Delilah was recognized, in front of the school, for the Mighty Maverick Award for Courtesy & Integrity!  I was smiling from ear to ear with tears in my eyes.
Arlon Seay ES had their annual Field Day.  The kids got to participate in all kinds of various events... sack racing, bouncy house, jousting, Frisbee toss and cooled off with sno-cones.

Whenever we can, we try to meet up with friends for a play date. Most of these kiddos no longer attend the same school, but still enjoy hanging out and us Mommy's enjoy catching up.
We've always thought that Delilah was pretty artistic, although I'm sure we are a little biased.  But, some of her artwork was proudly displayed at the highschool, for all to see.
Since we enjoyed our first camping experience so much, we decided to take the plunge and buy a travel trailer.  It's a pretty basic one, but of course, I had to do a little "redecorating".
For Rich's 43rd birthday, we took a little camping trip to Fredericksburg.  The Strottner's joined us for a fun-filled weekend... playing at the pool; climbing enchanted rock; live music in Luckenbach; shopping in town; & a couple of trips to some wineries.  This was also our "maiden voyage" in our very own travel trailer.  It made it all that much more fun!

A few April moments that we captured & I wanted to include...
That's it!  The first four months of 2018.  Like I said, we stay pretty busy. But, at the end of the day, being at home with family, is what we love the most.  We have so very much to be grateful for.
Until the next post... CHEERS!

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