12 April 2012


Well, the start of this new year has shaped up to be a very busy, fun-filled one.  Rich is doing wonderful at the Fire station; I've started a new, part-time job as an assistant to the Owner of RAM Realty Group, Randal McLeaird; and the Twins are going 90 to nothing & growing like weeds.  It is now the beginning of April & Jett weighs 27.2 pounds, Delilah weighs 26 pounds & both are about 31 inches tall.  They both have a mouthful of chompers & talk/babble non-stop all day.  Their vocabulary includes:  ball, cookie, cake, bebe's (berries), reeree's (raisins), DaDa, Momma, book, fan, car, pease (please), yes, pee pee, cock (we're hoping he's saying "car") and a few more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.  In fact, we are quite positive that they understand a ton more than they let on:)  And, not only are they walking, they are running everywhere... normally in two different directions!!!  They definitely keep us on the move!

We started out 2012 by taking a trip to visit Granddaddy in Bayou Vista.  We had a great time swinging on the patio, over looking the water; going for walks w/ them in their strollers (although Delilah insists on pushing hers the whole time); playing at the neighborhood park & running wild on the beach.  This trip was particularly special because it was the 9th anniversary of my Mom's death & her birthday.  So, we took the Twins to the cemetery to visit her & leave a picture of them from Christmas.  She would have been so madly in love with these little stinkers!!!  After the cemetery we met Mandy, Cole & Kylie for lunch & then all headed back to Granddaddy's to play until nap time.
Catch us if you can!
This way to the beach...

Worn out from playing w/ our cousins

Someone's playing possum

Just a little later in January the Twins had two very special visitors... Great Granny & Aunt Kathy came all the way from Braintree, MA. to meet them.  It was such a wonderful weekend filled with wonderful times & great memories.
Rich, Jett, Great-Granny, Delilah & Aunt Kathy

February was just as busy with Valentines Day, another trip to Granddaddy's & play dates at the park with Jett & Delilah's best friend, Owen Strottner. 
Valentines Day at the Station

Best buddies

In March we had another very special visit... David & Jen came down to San Antonio to see us & visit with Jett & Delilah.  It was a short visit but so very nice to see them & catch up.

Wonderful visit w/ Uncle David & Aunt Jen

Early this month, we joined the Strottner's in a little jaunt to Bass Pro Shop to have the kids take their picture with the Easter Bunny.  While things didn't go as planned we were able to "make" a photo where all 3 kiddos were at looking all in the same general direction! 
Michelle (Owens Mommy) was sweet to offer to take pictures of the Twins in the beautiful Bluebonnets.  They turned out sooo wonderful... Thank you so much, Michelle!!!

Since Rich had to work Easter Sunday we celebrated it a day early... Grandy came over with some special treats; we let Jett & Delilah search for eggs in the yard; & then we were invited to a fun Easter egg hunt at the Strottner's. 

Say "cheeeeeese"!

Jett especially loves what he finds IN the eggs!

On Easter morning we brought the Twins downstairs to "search" for what the Easter Bunny had left for them... The chocolate eggs were a true favorite.  (Definitely MY children!:)  Later on that morning me, Jett & Delilah loaded up & headed off to the Fire Station (with lots of treats in tow) to visit Rich & the rest of our Fire Family.  When we arrived Rich had hidden some eggs for them to find.  Unfortunately, the ants found them first:)  But, they still had a great time... or maybe that was from the sugar rush they had from eating chocolate covered peeps!!

"Look what the Easter Bunny left for me!"

"Look what was in my egg!!!"

Happy Easter 2012

Although life does seem a bit hectic these days I'm going to do my best to post my blogs more often.  Besides, there is always something exciting happening at the Anderson Asylum.