09 June 2017


So, here we are... June and I'm just now getting to my first blog post since January.  In my defense, we have been a tad busy.  Packing; working; kids in school; their special events; moving into the new house; unpacking; more working; end of kindergarten, etc. BUT, now, it's summer break & we are MOSTLY settled in so I thought I'd take some time to get these photos off of my phone and into their blog.  It'll be a quick one... Try to keep up ;)


January, quite frankly, was a BLUR!  We started packing up the house but not without a few playdates mixed in!


Early in February, the elementary school hosted a Western Hoe-down.  Parents were invited, too!

The Twins also hit the 100th day of school!  They were asked to create a little project using 100 of "something".  So, what better than to use 100 of each of their beautiful faces!!!
Of COURSE Valentines Day comes in the middle of February.  I made some cute cards for Jett & Delilah to hand out at school AND we made some time for a special adult-only brunch with some amazing friends!

Grandy & Daddy took the Twins camping.  Other than the SLEEPING part, they had a great time!


Ms. Batot always had something super special planned at school:
 In addition, we always make the time for a little downtime & playing.

Our special girl received the Specht Star AWARD!!!  We are soooo very proud of the girl she's becoming!!

In the midst of all of the packing & moving we also had dental appointments, bluebonnet pictures & all of the general silliness!


Our little buddy lost another tooth!  He was super brave and didn't cry at all!  Still the cutest smile., ever!


In the midst of moving, we always found the time for some laughs!
 It's no surprise to me that Jett & Delilah are talented artists!  We had the opportunity to view some of their special projects at The Art Show at their school.

Jett was so surprised to be the recipient of the Specht Star Award!  We were very proud but I already knew this kid was a STAR!!

The first weekend we moved in to the new house, was Easter weekend.  Rich was on shift that day, so after digging through their Easter baskets, we had a yummy lunch at Grandy's.
Our Real Estate Team, Rangel and Associates, hosted a Client Appreciation Event.  Sandra rented out an entire movie theater for a special & private showing of Beauty and The Beast.  I had one princess that could barely contain her excitement!
Rich turned 42 years old this April! We celebrated on the actual day with a quiet breakfast, just the two of us.  Then, that weekend, we spent an evening with the Strottner's eating pizza, snacks & topped it off with Litterbox cake!
 We still managed to make time for some usual play dates & being silly!


In May I had my very first opportunity to enjoy chaperoning a field trip.  The kindergarten class spent the day at The McKenna Children's Museum, in New Braunfels.  The kids got to try their hand at many things... I got to try my hand at taking deep breaths & counting to 10!
This year, in May, the San Antonio Fire Department experienced one of the most terrifying and heart wrenching events in recent history.  In a horrific and fatal fire, SA lost firefighter Scott Deem while two additional men were hospitalized for severe burns.  As I type these words, one of them is still in ICU, fighting bravely, for his life.  I am quite certain that SA, as a whole, but especially the Fire Department, will never be the same.

 With all of the above going on, it was still Jett & Delilah's end of school year.  With that came Field Day (Delilah was sick but Jett knocked it out of the park!); class parties; awards ceremony; and dance party!  And, we couldn't forget to give the special Kinder teacher, Ms. Batot, a gift showing our appreciation.  They will be attending a new school this Fall, but Specht Elementary will always hold a special place in our hearts.

This Mother's day was one of the best yet!  On that Saturday we spent a couple of hours at the Spring Creek Gardens Nursery.  They were having a wine tasting and Jett & Delilah got to paint flower pots & plant flowers. On Sunday, while no photos were taken, we spent a fabulous morning having brunch with our dear friends, The Walker's.
 Although a very busy & emotionally trying month... there were definitely some wonderful memories made.
 There are two more things I feel compelled to share before ending this post.
First, it's been just over a year since I rejoined the work force as a real estate agent.  In doing so, I was worried about the occasions when Jett & Delilah would be home & I'd need to be out showing homes, etc.  Well, there have been MANY times where they've been forced to come along for showings, inspections, closings & even Team meetings.  While I realize it's not their favorite thing to do, they are always well behaved.  Thank you, Jett & Delilah, for your patience and always being the best business partners ever!

 Finally, the last thing I want to do is brag about their mad artist skills.  They love drawing, coloring, painting & building things with Lego's.

Well, that's where I'll leave things for now.  Now that we are totally moved in & settled, I pray I find my way back to getting these posts out regularly.  Until then, thanks for reading & enjoy your summer!