12 September 2013


 As I was gathering the photos to be used in this Blog post, I realized that a lot more occurred over the last month or so than just potty training the Twins.  But, IT SURE DIDN'T FEEL LIKE IT!  So, I guess I'll start there...
After some research I decided that the "cold turkey", "no turning back now" route was the way to go.  Since there would be 2 kids to teach at one time, I thought it would be much like ripping off a band-aid.  We used a method called the "3 Day Boot Camp Potty Training".  It went like this:  I bought them big-kid undies; an illustrated book to read to them; candy rewards for successfully going #1 & "poo-poo prizes" for #2; Two, yes two, floor-style potty chairs; PLUS 2 potty seats to fit on top of the toilet.  We rolled up the area rug in the Family room & kept a watchful eye... or, so we thought.  On day 1, for the ENTIRE time they were awake, one of them was constantly peeing on my floor!!! Day 2 was just as bad w/ the exception that by the end of day 2 they were realizing that it made a "mess".  Then, on day 3, it just clicked... less accidents; less messes; less tears (mine, of course:) & more treats.
Reading the book
Day 3
Jett & Delilah have become very good friends w/ Amber & Emily, neighbors from down the street.  We've had several play dates over at their house & even went to an awesome b-day party for Amber that included a water slide!
"I dirty..."

 My dear friend, Jill Howard, & her family came over in August to visit & let the kids play.  She also has twins, 1 year old's Ryan & Sydney.  It was a wonderful afternoon.
Uncle Clarence, Milagros & Brisa also came over for a visit.  Brisa is growing up so fast.  It won't be long before all 3 kiddos are playing together.
In August we made a trip to visit Grandaddy in Galveston.  Our time on the beach this time was cut short since the jelly fish were overwhelming.  Poor Delilah got stung within the first 10 minutes of being there.

In an effort to beat the heat we let the kiddos play in the water sprinkler & the slip & slide.  They absolutely LOVE playing in the water.

We did a few other fun things during our trip... We took the Twins on their very first ferry boat ride.  It travels from Galveston Island to Boliver.  We also rode the choo-choo train on The Boardwalk in Kemah before eating at The Aquarium.  It's always so neat to see all of those fish in the tank!

On a VERY hot, steamy day we were invited to join some of my very best friends at their neighborhood pool. It was a refreshing afternoon & Jett & Delilah had a blast playing with Kiri, the little girl that Angela sits for.

Although the temperatures have consistently been hitting in the 100's we've tried to continue taking our walks, going to the park & swimming at Grandy's pool.

When it's just TOO warm outside we stay busy with arts & crafts, playing with cars & from time to time we head to Target to look through the toy aisle & eat popcorn!
 This summer we added a new outside playscape to our menagerie of kid-clutter.  Jet & Delilah have thoroughly enjoyed it especially when we tape a water hose to it & place a pool at the end of the slide.  Good times!!

We had a very special visitor in August... Cousin Erica Gionfriddo came in from Austin.  It was a wonderful visit & Jett & Delilah had a great time with her.
As I've been expanding my horizons in the kitchen the kids have learned that this means lots of opportunities to play "testers".  If only I could learn to make broccoli taste like chocolate!!
 For quite some time we've been concerned about Jett's sleep habits.  Really, the fact that he wakes up fairly consistently throughout the night.  As suggested by an ENT, we enrolled him in a sleep study.  My little man was a little nervous at first.  But, after I told him that we were there to test his "super powers" he was real champ!!  He had wires connected to almost every part of his little body...

 We packed up the the Anderson grocery-getter & headed to Galveston so I could celebrate my b-day with my Dad.  It was a very nice visit & there was no sight of the dreaded jelly fish so we were able to make a couple of trips to the beach.  In fact, on our way there Rich just happen to spot an actual water spout occurring over Galveston Bay.

I love her little toes in this pic


 On one of the rainier days we decided to ride the ferry boat again.  That evening we celebrated w/ dinner on Galveston Island & some yummy b-day cake for desert.

  I'd be remiss if I didn't add photos of how we manage to pull off potty training while traveling:
Some of our best times at the coast are spent just hanging out on the back patio, taking walks to the gazebo & hanging out with Grandaddy, Snoopy & Pepper.
 Again this year, to honor our fallen heroes from the tragedy on 9/11, Rich & some of the other firefighters came together & climbed the Tower of America's.  Actually, they climbed it twice... they climb 343 steps in memory of the 343 men that lost their lives that day.  The kids & I were waiting for him at the base of the Tower when he finished.  We are so very proud of him!!
Here are just some additional photos that I felt were too cute not to include in their book at the end of the year...



And, while some...ok, a lot, of our days look a little more like this next picture (versus the deceiving photos above)...
I feel totally blessed to live amongst such "Happy Chaos".