10 January 2014


As you can see, from my lack of a post for Nov., the last 2 months just flew by.  We were sooo excited about the thought of the Holiday Season with Jett & Delilah this year.  3 years old is such a perfect age to celebrate such things as "Turkey Day"; Christmas; Santa Clause; Jesus' b-day; & New Years!!  The sheer joy could be seen across their faces... PRICELESS!!

The first part of November was a lot of the same... playing indoors; taking walks through the neighborhood & play dates w/ friends.

Best friend, Homer, is always near by
Then, at the end of the month we went to Galveston to spend Thanksgiving with Grandaddy.  When it's just too cold to hit the beach to play, we find other things to do inside.  We play with "moon-sand", play-dough & swing on the back patio.  Cousin Johnathan joined us for dinner, too.
And, of course, it wouldn't be a TRUE holiday without a little drama & tears:
Once back in San Antonio, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went to a small town named Comfort for their annual "Christmas in Comfort". Grandy joined us & it was a terrific day!  We snacked on things like funnel cake & chocolate chip cookies.  Jett & Delilah got to chat w/ Santa & even dance w/ some of Santa's elves.
But, even more fun than Santa himself, was the petting zoo!!!  The kiddos had a ball feeding all of the animals.
"Wait!  What?!  THAT'S BACON?"
At the beginning of December an old friend of The Anderson's made his appearance:  Mickey the Elf.  The twins looked forward every morning to bounding down the stairs to see just where he was hiding.  They always managed to spot him right away.
This year was the first year that Jett & Delilah helped w/ decorating the tree.  (Or, UN-decorating the tree!:)  But, the finished product was awesome & we even managed to make some great memories.
 At some point during the month of December we decided it was due time for Jett & Lilah to have their own bathroom.  So, with some new paint & shower curtain & a few added extras they loved their "big-kid bathroom".
Waiting on Daddy to come home
For our annual Family photo we called upon our dear friend Michelle Strottner.  Trust me when I say, this is NO easy feat!  But, as usual, she did an amazing job!  We couldn't decide on a favorite, so here are several:
   On December 5th, Rich & Jett took a trip East to visit family in Braintree, Boston.  Seeing as how it was my 1st time to be away from Jett for that long of a time & he was traveling by plane... I was a complete basket case!  But, the boys had a wonderful trip & Delilah & I truly enjoyed our time together.  We all did some wonderful things during that week.
Before they left I became concerned about Jett's reaction to being on an airplane & more so, about the tolerance from others.  So, as suggested by a friend, I made up little bags of candy with a note inside... a little bribery for patience:
Rich & Jett visited w/ lots of friends & family; went to the beach; went to church & Jett even got to witness his very first snowfall.  Thank you Aunt Kathy, Frank, Great-Granny & Nikki for you hospitality.

 While the boys were away Delilah & I kept ourselves busy.  We had brunch w/ friends; Delilah got to see her very first movie (w/ friend Owen); we played; Grandy took us to see the Nutcracker at the Majestic theater; drove through the live Nativity scene @ Concordia Church & had a few breakfasts in bed.

 While I was certain that they missed each other, (they had never been apart for the night other than Jett's 1 night stay in the hospital after his tonsillectomy) I didn't realize just how much until we got home from the airport.  They hugged so tight it brought tears to MY eyes.
I did my best to keep Jett & Delilah busy w/ fun Christmas crafts.  Here are a few that we attempted:
Delilah even helped me make the Christmas cookies this year.  She did a fabulous job!

On Dec 14th the twins attended a b-day party for their friend Kirsten Wilson.  She turned 2 yrs old & had a rodeo party.  We all had a wonderful time.  They got to take their first ride on a pony (that had a pink mane, no less) & had their faces painted.

Another tradition that we never pass up is driving to Johnson City to see the magnificent Christmas light display.  This year, The Strottner's & The Clark's joined us... It was a fabulous evening.
Rich & I managed to sneak out on a couple of occasions in December.  We went to the Station 51 Christmas party as well as the Walker's Christmas party & had a wonderful time at both.  It's always nice to have a "date-night" w/ my handsome hubby!
Just to clarify a few details ("explanations" is probably more like it) we took Jett & Delilah to see Santa a 2nd time, at Bass Pro Shop.  In addition to sitting on the ol' guys lap, we got to see the fish, ride the merry-go-round & of course, play in the boats.
 We had another "first" in the month of December this year... We all decorated a gingerbread house as a family.  Which, if y'all really KNOW me... was a little tough for me.  My OCD kicked into high gear just as the twins were putting 2 green gun drops right next to each other. :)

One evening, after dinner, we decided it would be nice to load up in the truck & go see some Christmas lights at a nearby neighborhood.  So, with the kids in their jammies; hot chocolate in hand; & Christmas carols on the radio we headed out.  They were in total awe.  And, we enjoyed listening to their exclamations coming from the back seat.
Christmas Eve was casual & low key.  We started the day w/ some green, Christmas tree pancakes.  The kids scarfed them down!  We took a walk around the neighborhood to see all of the beautiful lights. Grandy came over & we let them open 1 gift each.  We snuggled by the fire & played.  Later in the evening Clarence, Milagros, Brisa, Toby De La Rosa, & the Walker family all came over to visit & snack.  It was such a nice evening.
Christmas morning & day were filled with TONS of excitement & laughter!!!  Grandy came over bright & early & we all ran downstairs to see what Santa had left.  Jett & Delilah had a blast seeing all of their new toys & opening their presents.  (I had to join in on the fun & took one of the plasma cars out for a little spin around the kitchen:)
 After nap time, Uncle Clarence, Aunt Milagros, cousin Brisa, cousin Cody & cousin Tucker all came over for dinner & to play.  It was so nice to spend time with our family.
 We rang in the new year of 2014 in Galveston, visiting Grandaddy.  Despite the weather it was a great trip.  We went out for a New Year's Eve dinner & enjoyed a yummy (much needed margarita).  Then, afterwards, we let the Twins try their hands at sparklers.  They weren't afraid at all.
 As we close out 2013 & start fresh in 2014 I'd like to say "Thank you"!  Thank you to all of our friends & family for your unwavering love & support.  Whether it's sitting for our children so that Rich & I can have a much needed night out; or calling to say "hi"; texts to check in; or even just hit the "like" button on one of our 3 trillion pictures of Jett & Delilah.  We appreciate it ALL!!!  And, we love you!