11 February 2013


The Anderson's have officially left 2012 in the past but have many memories to look back on.  As we jumped in to 2013, January really seemed to fly by.  Rich has been working a TON & the kids & I are staying busy ourselves.
Of course, we have our every day life of PLAYING, PLAYING & MORE PLAYING:

Daddy gave Jett his first Trans Am

Of course Homer joins us from time to time...
 On one of our trips to Target Ms. Delilah decides she wants her OWN basket to shop with.  (The picture that I won't post is the one of her throwing a nuclear melt down because ALL of the balls wouldn't fit in her basket:)
Did I mention that my daughter has her very own, unique style?!  But, that is how Punky Brewster got started, isn't it?
 The Twins best friend & neighbor from down the street, Owen Strottner, turned 2 years old in January.  Jett & Delilah attended the birthday bash until I had to pull Jett out, kicking & screaming, because he wanted Owen's brand new car!

We finally decided that it was time to get tile put down in our kitchen & breakfast areas.  It was a huge, 2 day job but the guys did a wonderful job & we couldn't be more pleased.  During the 2 days of complete chaos we couldn't have access to the kitchen.  So, we "pic-nic'd" in our bedroom.  While Rich & I couldn't wait to be able to return to some sort of normalcy, the kids absolutely loved it.

Here are some before & after pictures of the kitchen:
Delilah & I had the opportunity to enjoy a "Girl's Night Out".  Chick-Fil A sponsored the evening & we joined Meredith & Mazzie Clark for a fun time.  Meanwhile, a VERY brave Kelly Clark volunteered to hang out with Jett for some "boy time" (Daddy was working).
 As we do every year, we went to Galveston to visit Grandaddy for my Mom's Birthday (She would have been 73 years old) & the 10th Anniversary of her passing.  It's always a very tough day for my family but this year was also special... We took the Twins to the cemetery with us to visit MeMaw, Bun & Great Grandaddy.  They decorated their headstone with beautiful flowers.  I realize that at this age they don't understand but I know in my heart that they understand that it's a very special place for very special people in our lives.

 During that same visit to see Grandaddy, Rich had a chance to do a little fishing.  I'm sensing it was a bit more difficult this time seeing as how he had a couple of "helpers".
Much to the Children's dismay, this past year, at Christmas we requested that they not receive toys as gifts... It already seems as though their play things take up more real estate in our home than our furniture.  So, in lieu of, Jett & Delilah were blessed with money... Which Rich & I put to VERY good use.  NO!!  We didn't book a trip for ourselves to Mexico.  We enrolled the Twins in classes at a place called The Little Gym.  They absolutely LOVE it there & are really starting to blossom in terms of physical ability & coordination.  An added bonus is that they are totally exhausted once they get home.  That's what I call a "Win/Win"!

 Well, off to wrangle the kids for some lunch.  Hope this finds everyone's new year off to a wonderful start.