29 October 2012


Wow!  If the rest of this Fall season follows in the path of this past week, we are going to be exhausted by the time the Christmas Season gets here.  San Antonio is finally enjoying some nice, cool weather & we have taken full advantage it:)
Rich celebrated 10 yrs with the SAFD & therefore was given a Fun-Day pass at Sea World.  We got to visit the dolphins, see some sharks in their huge tank, help feed the Sea Lions their lunch & their favorite part was playing on the slides in the park area.
She was not a happy camper


The Fall Season would not be complete without a visit to the Pumpkin Patch.  We met the Clarks there & the Twins had a fantastic time running from one pumpkin to the next, attempting to roll them around.  Trying to get a few pictures that weren't just a blur was next to impossible...




 No one enjoys snacks & treats like the boys at Station 51.  And, since Rich was working today I decided to take the kiddos up there to drop off some goodies.  Jett & Delilah always have a great time when they visit the fire station & this afternoon was no different.
Halloween snacks


We are off to a wonderful start... The Holiday Seasons are definitely much more fun with these precious babies in the picture. 

07 October 2012


Well, the Twins are officially 2 years old.  We had their bug themed birthday bash on 9-22-12 and on 9-30-12 at 1:00 & 1:01pm Jett & Delilah got to celebrate their 24 months in this world.

Like last year, I filled their bedroom floor with a bunch of colorful balloons.  When their Daddy arrived home from work that morning they were in total awe of all of them & had a wonderful time playing, jumping & trying to pop them.
 I made their favorite breakfast... pancakes.  And topped them with 2 sparkler candles so we could serenade them with The Happy Birthday song.  They haven't quite figured out how to blow them out but I got the feeling they knew this was a very special day.

We had plans on taking them to Inflatable World to let them go crazy playing.  But, it didn't turn out so well.  We ended up getting a later start than we had liked so by the time we made it to the mall where the bouncy houses were, both kids were already tired & grouchy.  So, we let them play on a couple of toys in the play area & headed home for lunch.  We hadn't made it out of the parking lot before both of them were crashed out, fast asleep.
 A couple of days after their big day we met with photographer (& SA Firefighter) Danny Rodriguez to have Family photos taken.  Well, in HOPES to have them taken:)  We arrived at the base of the Tower of America's & the very first thing Jett noticed was the fountain.  That was the beginning of the end!  Within 2 minutes he had put one entire foot in the water & had the other shoe floating in it.  The rest of the photo session is a total blur of sweat, screams & tears coming from all of us, including Danny.  Just as we were about to give up I decided:  "What the heck!!  If we can't beat them (figuratively & literally) let's join them.  So, off came our shoes & Rich & I sat down aside the water to splash along with our babies.  Those were precious moments.  Amazingly enough Danny worked some true magic & managed to produce numerous photos that give the illusion that all went off without a hitch.

Although Jett & Delilah have only been on this Earth for 2 years, it seems they have been in our hearts forever.  Everyday brings something new that they are doing, learning or saying.  While I wish the hands of time would slow down a little so as not to miss a thing... I am excited to watch them grow up & become the amazing kids that I know they are. They truly are blessings from God & our whole world.
We love you very much, Jett & Delilah!!