17 July 2014


Well, I'm happy to say that we are totally moved in... every box unpacked & we are settled.  We are all enjoying the new house immensely, even Homer!!  He has a larger backyard to call his own.  Well, share with the twins, anyways:)  And, Jett & Delilah have gone from sharing a room & sleeping in cribs to having big boy/girl beds in their very own, separate rooms.  Delilah's room is very girly with shabby chic decor & Jett's is finished out in classic rock & roll items including his Daddy's guitars & my old albums.  Here are some pics of the new casa...
Dining Room
                                                                    Family Room
                                                                     Delilah's Room
                                                                         Jett's Room
 The Master bedroom.  And, NO comments about the monogram above the bed:)  It's definitely called a Pintrist FAIL when you spell RAM over the bed?!  Ha Ha!  We laughed for days about that.
Finally, the gameroom... And, it's just THAT!  Jett & Delilah have totally made this space their own little get-away:)  We are so glad that they have a space like this to be kids in... & where I don't have to see the mess all day long.
Sooo, that brings us to what we've been doing with the rest of our life.  It has been jammed packed with holidays; trips to the beach; play dates; swimming in the pool; our house-warming party, etc.
As we closed out May we headed to Galveston to visit Grandaddy.  Jett & Delilah are really turning into little beach bums!

The kids also love playing on their slip & slide in Grandaddy's backyard.  It's pretty steep so they go flying!  Then, we had dinner at the Bayou Bistro... they have THE best pizza!!
 For dinner one evening, I thought the kiddos would like to try their hands at making their very own "pizza pies" (as they like to call them).  So, after stripping them of all clothing w/ the exception of their chonies, the Anderson bistro opened for business.  All in all it was pretty successful... Rich had a good time, too!
 In the day & age of everything I-phone, Jett & Delilah have caught on extremely quick!  They have mastered unlocking them; playing games; looking at videos & even taking the ever-so-popular... SELFIE! Sometimes, Daddy even joins them! (Well, they're still working on their technique!)

 One morning, they decided to join me in some exercising... I swear they have better form than I do!
June was a very busy month around our home.  The kids started a little summer camp on Wednesday mornings; we celebrated Father's Day; we did TONS of yard work; Rich & I celebrated 5 years of marriage; & we had a housewarming/promotion party.  It all seems like a blur as it all rushed by.

There is a small church in Bulverde, about 15 minutes from the house, where the kids attend summer camp on Wednesday's, with their friend Owen.  It's also where they will be enrolled in school on Tuesday's & Thursday's starting August.

Jett & Delilah bring home aaaaalllll kinds of "artwork" from school.  Picasso better watch his back.
The kids were very excited to spend the morning on Father's Day with their PaPa.  They all had breakfast & then got to take a little spin on his scooter.  Then, we finished off the afternoon with some dinner with Clarence, Milagros & Brisa.
 We had a VERY special visitor in June.  Our dear friends, Meredith & Kelly Clark, had a baby boy in May.  So, Mamma & Deacon came by for a visit.  He's such a precious Angel.  So very glad I got the opportunity to meet him before they moved away to LA.
Of course, living in South Texas requires some tactics at staying cool in the 100 degree weather.  In our artillery we have ice cold watermelon, Popsicles & playing in the water.

We've started going back to church on Saturday evenings.  We found a beautiful, old, Catholic church in Bulverde called St. Joseph of Honeycreek.  The twins are SLOWLY learning to sit through/still/quiet an entire mass (which I can imagine is very hard for 3 yr olds).  But, they know if they do we have dinner out.  One particular evening Granny joined them at McDonald's.
At the end of the month we invited friends & family over for a housewarming/promotion party.  We had a wonderful evening with lots of margaritas (especially infused w/ different flavorings made by a friend, Brandon), snacks & catching up. Jett & Delilah attempted to eat everything in sight.  Plus, we were SO surprised by a visit from our DEAR friends & the twins Godmother, Toni & Steve McCormick.  We felt so very blessed that we have such supportive people in our lives.  Thank you!

We celebrated the 4th of July in Galveston, visiting Grandaddy.  It was a much needed break from Rich's paramedic class/schedule & working in the yard.
Before heading out, Delilah & I had to make sure that our "piggies" were beach-ready:
 Jett & Delilah are finally old enough to stay on the beach for longer than an hour.  So, we bought a canopy, loaded the cooler w/ some beer, grabbed the water toys & hit the sand.  Grandaddy even went to the beach for a bit... wearing jeans non the less, but, he was there.  Making memories. We went several times over the course of the weekend. It truly was wonderful.

 While in Texas City, we had to have dinner at our favorite Mexican Food restaurant, Gringos.  YUMMO!
There is a neat gift shop/store right on the sea wall of Galveston beach called Murdoch's.  Almost every time we visit we go there, get a margarita & chips for the kids & hang out on the deck in the Adirondack chairs while we watch & listen to the ocean.  It's become a neat, little tradition.  This time we also walked along the beach.
"C'mon Lala."

After a full day at the beach we hung out at the Gazebo & park in Grand Cay Harbor.  Some of the neighbors were hosting a block party.  We were hoping that the twins would make it to see the fireworks... No such luck. 
 There is always a great breeze on the coast.  Perfect for flying kites.  Well, except for this particular day.  Rich & I got frustrated but the kids had a great time.
 Last week we had super fun playdate.  A fellow Mom Of Multiples, Becky Nelson, brought her twin girls & her son over for the morning.  Jett, Delilah, Ruby, Kylie & Sam made fast friends.  We are already looking forward to the next one!
Another favorite thing to do is hang out at the community pool.  They have a toddler pool that is the perfect depth & covered so the kids don't get too much sun.  They are already turning into little fish!

Well, it's now mid July.  We just had our family photos taken yesterday.  So, that will be my next post.  To finish this one off, here are some random pics taken throughout the last couple of months.  They pretty much speak for themselves... Life is great at the Anderson Asylum.


 We hope everyone is doing well & hope to see or hear from everyone.  Take care & please, keep in touch.