12 May 2013


Out with the cold & in with warm weather of Spring... It's been 2 months since my last post & I'm sure I sound like a broken record but... WHEW!!!  These kids keep us on the move:)

Late in February we had a very special visitor all the way from Boston... Uncle Pete Anderson.  Jett & Delilah got to meet him for the very first time & we really enjoyed being able to catch up.

Even when it's just our family hanging around the house, Jett & Delilah always seem to make every day something to laugh about (or drink about... depending on how you look at it:)
One afternoon that YaYa Toni & I took Delilah shopping with us, we stopped by Starbucks for a much needed "pick-me-up".  (And, no... there's NOT really coffee in her cup).
The Twins still absolutely LOVE going to the park.  So, weather permitting (if not scorching hot or an impending monsoon) we go fairly often.  On one particular afternoon they met a cute little boy by the name of Brody & played & played & played!  It's so neat to see how much they are growing and maturing in terms of coordination; motor skills; "bravery"; & just all out athleticism.


In March we had MORE company from Boston.  Aunt Jen & Uncle David came to San Antonio to visit with us.  Their visits always seem too short but we sure love spending the time with them.

St. Patrick's Day fell on Sunday, March 17th, this year.  It was a perfect morning for the park.  So, with our coffee cups in tow, we loaded up the grocery-getter & headed out.  The kids played & played. We all walked along the trails & then the Twins colored on the pavement with chalk.  It was a wonderful way to spend the day.
As we try to do every 4-6 weeks, we have taken several trips to Galveston to see Grandaddy in the last few months.  It's always super windy by the water but it's still very relaxing & wonderful to visit with my Dad.  Even Homer loves to be there.  There's a neat, little park with a Gazebo close to his house.  On our last trip we all went to the field next to it to fly a kite.  Jett & Delilah loved it!  Almost as much as walking in the sand looking for "she-shewls".





Jett & Delilah's cousin, Tucker Ford, turned 1 year old in March.  We attended the party for some yummy snacks, cake & ice-cream.  Jett also met a new friend at the party... a kitty cat!!
Rich had to work on Easter Sunday so we had Grandy & Pa-pa over on Saturday to dye & hunt for eggs, play & eat lunch.  The kids really got into searching for the eggs this year... dyeing the eggs... not so much.

On Sunday, I took the Kiddos up to the fire station to visit Rich & the rest of the guys for Easter. Clarence & Brisa joined us for the fun.

In April the two SAFD Rescue Teams competed in a BBQ cook-off.  Rich took Jett for a "boys-only" afternoon to show their support.  An added bonus (besides Jett getting to flirt with the Dr. Pepper girls) is that Rich's station, station 51, won the competition!!!

The city of San Antonio, along with the YMCA & several other companies, sponsor an event twice a year called Siclovia.  It promotes folks getting out to excercise.  We joined our neighbors, The Strottners, & took the kiddos.  We all had a great time.
Rich turned 37 years old this year & we enjoyed the celebration.  This was the first year that Jett & Delilah could actually say the words:  "Happy Birthday, Da Da"!  Since his birthday fell in the same week as Fiesta, Grandy brought over some cascarones, a mask & a flowered tiara for Jett & Delilah.  After eating some yummy, chocolate cupcakes Grandy babysat the kids so Rich & I could sneak out for a nice dinner with friends.

 On one of our MANY trips to Lowe's (Yes, I have always some sort of project brewing around the house), we slowed down long enough to let the Twins play on the riding lawn mowers.  Rich says it's "training" for when the yard upkeep will be their responsibility:)
I guess the last thing I get to brag about in this post is Mother's Day!  Which, no surprise, has turned in to my most favorite "holiday" of the year!!  Grandy came over & we had a fantastic afternoon of playing, eating lunch, sipping margaritas (well, obviously not the kids:) & just relaxing. 

 I'm so very appreciative of my little miracles making this day a possibility for me.  I absolutely cherish it.