02 January 2012


Well, it's been 3 months since my last post... Needless to say it has been a busy Fall/Winter & Holiday Season.  But, soooo much fun!!!  The "Beans" are changing from our babies into toddlers right before our eyes!
With Halloween & Turkey Day fast approaching we thought it might be fun to take the Twins to a Pumpkin Patch!!  I think they were totally in awe of all of the "big, orange things"!  Jett tried to crawl right through them while Delilah was busy making her way through the whole Patch via the HAY!!  I'm pretty sure Rich & I enjoyed this outing the most.

For Halloween I decided it would be fun for the whole Family to participate... So, I borrowed an idea from Dr. Seuss's "A Cat in the Hat".  Jett & Delilah were Thing 1 & Thing 2; I was Thing Mom: & Rich totally ROCKED the costume of The Cat in the Hat!!! 
We had an awesome evening!  We ordered in pizza (in the shape of a pumpkin, no doubt:); Grandy came over to join in the fun; & then we hit the streets with our friends & neighbors, The Strottners.  Once again, I think it was Mommy & Daddy that had more fun!
For Thanksgiving I wanted to make Jett & Delilah something cute to wear.  So, with the little help from a website called Pintrist (my new addiction) I made them Turkey-Onesies.  We packed up everything, including Homer-Dog & headed to Bayou Vista to see Grandaddy.  The kiddos had fun sitting & reading in Grandaddy's lap; eating their very first Turkey Day meal (which did not go over very well... I'm assuming that since Goldfish were not on the menu); and took several trips to the neighborhood park to swing & slide on the slides!  It was a wonderful weekend!
This Christmas Season was the type of holiday that Rich & I had dreamt of our whole lives!  The kids were at an age where they could enjoy it, too (maybe not understand the true meaning or even about Santa Clause but it was still amazing).  We took our annual Family Christmas photo... what an experience:)  While they did wonderful meeting Santa for the very first time, our portrait session left a lot to be desired!
As with Thanksgiving, I got in to the Crafty-mood & made a few different shirts for Jett & Delilah to wear throughout the month.  Rich said he was just happy that I ran out of time or HE would've been walking around in a reindeer & snowman shirt, too!! LOL!
Trying to make the most of the Special Season we watched Frosty the Snowman; went to see the spectacular Christmas light display in Johnson City; had portraits done; helped Grandy decorate her tree & let the Twins eat much more "junk" than we should've:)

Christmas Eve was nice & quiet... We just hung out with the babies all day, playing.  Then, that evening Clarence, Milagros, Grandy & Dora came over to visit & play a few games of Dominoes (our new favorite game:)
Bright & early Christmas morning Grandy & Grandpa came over & we all snuck upstairs to wake up the Twins... we bust into their room singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas"!  They had no idea what was going on but so happy to see every ones faces:)  Under the tree Jett & Delilah found that Santa had left them a matching set of "big-boy/girl chairs" & a bright red wagon for 2!!  They were so cute... smiling from ear to ear as we took them for a spin around the kitchen.
Later in the afternoon Clarence & Milagros joined us & we spent the rest of the day playing; eating tons of pizza (the new Anderson tradition:); visiting & playing games. 

 It was truly a magical day with many memories made!  We know that with each passing year, Christmas will be even more special as the Anderson's fill each Season with love & laughter.  We are truly blessed!