10 August 2016


So, at the end of my last post (in March), I mentioned how I was gonna do better about my regular entries. Well, here it is, AUGUST, & I'm just now doing my 2nd post.  However, unlike last year... it's been for a lot of good reasons.  Busy kids, busy husband, busy me.

I guess as parents we all figure out that special way, that secret, to get our kids to "behave" at certain times.  We've tried 'em all.  What works with ours?  Treats!  Frozen yogurt; cinnamon rolls for breakfast; ice cream sundaes; donuts... Well, you get the picture. In March we had a couple of opportunities to use this little method of A-1 parenting... Hey, whatever works.  No judging here!

We celebrated Dad's birthday with a little cake & the "Happy Birthday, Grandaddy" song.

Ellen, one of my dear friends & the Mom of one of the Twins good friends, planned a wonderful outing early in the month of March.  A bunch of us got together for a trip to the Johnson Ranch Wildlife Farm.  We got to feed the animals, pet a few & make some amazing memories.


Easter came VERY early this year... On March 27th.  I taught the kids how to blow the yoke & insides out of the eggs so we could color on them.  Both thought it was pretty gross but had fun!  We invited Grandy, Clarence, Milagros, Brisa & some of our sweet neighbors, over for Easter Sunday.  We had tons to eat.  We dyed & searched for eggs. drank several mimosa's & really just had a great day.

Treats for the Bunny Rabbit


At the end of March Rich & I were able to get away for a date night to the Spurs game. We joined several other firefighters & their families for what turned out to be quite the night... Spurs won, of course & set a record for most consecutive home game victories!
Wouldn't want to finish up March without posting of our yearly Bluebonnet picture excursion.
Along with all of the other every day things, Jett & Delilah still enjoy drawing, coloring, play dates with friends & just being silly!



Early in April the Twins had Fiesta Day at their Mother's Day Out Program at Bulverde Baptist Church.  The kids all looked so cute in their sombreros that they made. They had a parade that marched through the lobby of the Church.
Delilah lost another tooth this month.  BUT, this time, she swallowed it!  Mortified that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't leave her "shiny coins" ( I LOVE that they still like "coins" better than "paper monies" because they are prettier), she wrote a note explaining the unfortunate situation.  Lucky for her... the tooth fairy can read.
 During Spring Break we did a LOT of playing, going to the park, coloring & other art projects & hanging out as a family.  They even got to go fishing in the creek at the edge of our property in Spring Branch. 

At the end of April we celebrated Rich's 41st birthday.  It was low key & just family but a very nice day.


May was an emotional but fun-filled month for me.  Emotional because Jett & Delilah finished their last days up at Mother's Day Out.  They participated in Track & Field Day & then had a wonderful "graduation" ceremony.  They sang a song for all of the parents & families; had treats afterwards; & I made sure to make some graduation caps for them to take pictures with.  The twins are going to miss Bulverde Baptist & especially some of the kids that they've met along the way.  But, I know they will cherish those new friendships & memories just as I will.
After their last day of "school" we had Kinder Round-Up at their new school, Specht Elementary School.  We sat with the Rondinelli's & chatted about how we could NOT believe how fast their young years are flying by.
Since school had come to an end, we did our best to keep Jett & Delilah busy.  We spent a lot of time at the property in Spring Branch; played with friends; attended birthday parties; played in the rain & hung out in our own backyard.


June started off with a bang!  Right out of the gate, into summer, Jett & Delilah attended Vacation Bible School at Cornerstone Church.  It was awesome!  The classroom area is built to look like Noah's Ark, complete with robotic, life sized animals.  They talked about that week for a very long while.  They even drew pics of the animals & the ark.
 We also celebrated Father's Day along with Rich & I's 7 year wedding anniversary on June 19th. We played in the back yard; ate on the patio & gave Daddy some fun gifts!
 In June, we also welcomed another family member into the Anderson Family.  Little Guinness Anderson came to us from The Crossing of Spring Creek, the neighborhood in which we are building our new home.  He's so cute & has THE most beautiful markings.  Now, if Cinder would just be as welcoming... City girl versus Country boy!
The rest of the month was filled with swimming in the pool at the land; playing in the creek; birthday parties; working on our writing & just lounging around (must be nice!).

Oh!  Delilah got into some trouble... for slamming her bedroom door after being told she was in time out.  So, just as my Mom made me do, Delilah had to write "I'm sorry for slamming the door" 10 times.  It took her a while, as she's just learning to write full sentences... but, I'm certain it's a lesson she won't soon forget. 
I think one of their favorite things to do every week, is wait for the ice-cream man.  He comes by our neighborhood every Wednesday evening & they just scream in anticipation.  It's become a "thing" now... all of the neighborhood kids come out & listen for that special music.  It brings back some of my fondest memories & I'm so thrilled I get to see my children experience the same.  It's the little things, I tell ya...


Our 4th of July celebration was nothing short of AWESOME!!!  We spent the first half of the day in the small pool in the back yard & played.  Then, we met some of our wonderful neighbors down at the community pool & cabana for a party.  They had yummy food; a DJ; face painting & a snow cone truck.  It was great to visit with friends & watch all of our children play together.

After our community get-together, we met back up with more neighbors for fireworks & fun.  We hung flags on our fences, brought our lawn chairs & a few drinks & watched as the sky lit up. The kids even got to help light off some of them & of course, had sparklers. 

With the month of July always being so hot that it feels like we live on the surface of the sun, I tried to come up with things/projects for us to do to stay cool.  We made & painted bird houses; visited LuLu's for some frozen yogurt; played with Daddy's "antique" transformers; made ice-cream sundaes of our own; played a LOT at the creek; & even tried our hands at tie-dyed shirts.


 We also took a short family trip to Galveston in July.  We stayed at a little condo called Casa Del Mar, right on the seawall.  We played in the pool; hung out in the sand & surf; took a spin in a bike built for 4 (BUT only 2 pedaled!); visited all of our favorite spots from when Dad was still here; ate at "rest-r-aunts" & most importantly, made some amazing memories with our children.  I am pretty sure that Jett & Delilah's favorite part was being able to sleep in bunk beds for the first time!

 The Twins attended another Vacation Bible school as well as a Fantastic Friday at Northside Church.  The rest of time was spent learning the art of "wash your own dishes" & "find something to do or Mom will find a chore to keep you busy"!
Towards the end of July it struck me that we had less than a month before we sent the Twins off on their own, to embark on what will be their life for the next 12-18 years... SCHOOL!  So, off we went to shop for their backpacks.  I had to talk them out of the plastic ones with every cartoon character on them & sparkles.  But, soon, they each chose one that, albeit almost as big as they are, they can proudly tote those 2 million coloring pages & alphabet strips home for me to see!
One final escapade was made in the month of July.  But, not by the kids!  Rich & I attended my 30 year class reunion of Mac Arthur High School.  It was a great night!  I caught up with old friends, some of which I hadn't seen since our graduation day in May 1986!

Well, once again, I'm all caught up!  I pray I'll find the time, between being a Mommy, a wife & now a new Real Estate Agent, to keep up with this blog.  I want so badly for my kids to open a ginormous box on their 18th b-day, filled with books from every year of their life.

As for now... Jett & Delilah's 5 year old pictures from Mother's Day Out.  Hope everyone is doing well & enjoying their wonderful, but, I'm sure busy, summer as well.