26 August 2012


We were invited by my brother, Clarence, to join him & his grandkids, Cole & Kylie, at Kiddie Park.  So, we invited Grandy to come along & headed out after nap time.  It had been over 20 yrs since I had been there (since Mandy, my niece, was very young).  They have renovated all of the rides & the park, in general.  Other than the "Africa-Hot" temperature we all had a WONDERFUL time!!  Well, with the exception of Delilah crying while on the Airplane ride:)

We definitely have plans to go back again once it cools down... although I don't know if Rich & I will have a repeat of the helicopter ride!

15 August 2012


Well, time has really flown by since my last post. It seems like just yesterday we were putting up all of the Christmas decorations... & today is mid August with sweltering temperatures in the 100's.  We have stayed pretty busy this summer.  Between Rich's shifts at the station; my work for RAM Realty Group; going to the gym; trips to Galveston; swimming at Grandy's; play dates with friends; and let's face it... "life" in general... The Anderson Asylum is always jumping! Here are some pictures from the past few months...
Mother's Day was just amazing!!  We played with the kids all day; Grandy came to visit us; we took a walk through the neighborhood with the kids in their wagon; & finished it off with Chinese food for dinner.  Such wonderful memories...

Being silly & hanging out with Grandy.  The kids sure love when Grandy comes to visit... And, we do, too!  She wears them out so they sleep like Angels:)
Having lots of fun at the YMCA - They really love going & playing with all of their friends.  And to think that I was worried about "separation anxiety" with them.

 Playing in the Sand & Surf at Galveston Beach.  The Twins are really starting to love the beach & waves just as much as Rich & I.  They totally got into digging in the sand & splashing in the water.  Quite a change from a time when Delilah wouldn't even let her toes touch the sand for fear they would get dirty!

  Visiting Grandaddy in Bayou Vista is always so much fun!  We go to the beach, play by the water at Grandaddy's house; feed the ducks & seagulls; and of course, Grandaddy reads lots of stories.

Since it feels like we've been living on the surface of the sun these days, Jett & Delilah absolutely love playing in their little pool in the backyard.

 So, we decided that it might be a good time to introduce the kiddos to cats, JUST to see if they were ready for another pet.  Well, they didn't give the cats a second look... they were much more interested in the cat TOYS and of course... THE BIRDS!  They were fascinated!!  They made "chirp-chirp" noises all the way home.
When it's not too hot outside, we still love going for walks in the neighborhood.  They jibber-jabber the whole way & Delilah always insists on taking all of her stuffed animal bugs along for the ride. 
Since Rich had to work this year on the 4th of July, I made some treats for the guys & we headed up to the station.  The babies had tons of fun playing with their "uncles" & visiting Daddy.
The Twins really enjoy when Grand Pa comes to visit them.  Delilah always knows that he will read her as many books as she brings him.
"Thelma & Louis"!!
On one of our trips to Galveston, we stopped in Houston to visit with Mandy, Adam, Cole & Kylie.  They had an absolute BALL!!!  They bounced on the trampoline; ate snacks; played with the ferrets & drove in their "cars".  We sure do wish we lived closer to their cousins.

We spend a lot of time just hanging out with the kids at home... it seems our Family room looks like Disney World most of the time.  What an appropriate name for the room... FAMILY ROOM.

Jett & Delilah love having play dates!!  On this particular day, Mazzie Clark came over & we all had a wonderful afternoon.  Hmmm... all three kids laying down together is definitely a sign of a successful play date!

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed the update.  We will be making another trip to Galveston, again, very soon.  Then, we will be celebrating Jett & Delilah's 2nd B-day next month.  It's so hard to wrap my brain around the fact that these beautiful Angels are my babies... they are growing up at warp speed.  Someone, please... STOP THE CLOCK!