11 March 2016


2016 has already started out MUCH better than 2015.  It's been a busy couple of months but all in all... pretty uneventful.  Which, for us... IS WONDERFUL!!


We began the new year with a very exciting event.  We closed on our land in Spring Branch that is soon to be the NEW Anderson Homestead.  It's just a hair over an acre & backs up to a beautiful, spring fed creek.
Later in January, for her birthday, we went to Texas City to visit Mom's grave & leave flowers.  It's been 13 years now, that she's been gone but it still seems like yesterday.

Any time we are down there, we always take a jaunt to Galveston Beach, if nothing else, just to go to Murdoch's, drink a margarita & watch the waves crash along the shore.
 While we were there we packed up the rest of Dad's house in preparation for the closing in February.  While it was pretty tough going through & parting with his things, it was also an appreciated opportunity to look through old photo albums & such, just reminiscing of our once young family. I found this really neat picture of Bun & Grandaddy.  I believe it was taken at one of their Anniversary parties.  It caught my eye because Rich & I have a photo, in almost the same pose, from our wedding day.
We also did the usual... went to dinner w/ Johnny & Berta & hung out on the back porch swing.  We did everything we could to instill some great memories into the Twins, of a place that means so much to me. We also went down to the end of the dike, where we released Dad's ashes.  It seemed like the perfect time & place to say goodbye one last time.  While we were down there the strangest thing occurred... several dolphins came very near to the dike, RIGHT where Dad's ashes went floating away.  I'm sure it sounds crazy... but, Dad was such an animal lover I felt it was his sign, telling us that all is well.
Pulling out of the driveway was hard for me this time.  It was hard for me to come to grips with the fact that everything my Dad (& Mom) was & worked so hard for, was loaded up & strapped into a U-Haul truck.  It seemed very final.
One thing for sure... once back in San Antonio, we know we can always count on good friends to cheer us up.  Angela hung out with us, at Sandra's, drinking margaritas & enjoying the beautiful Spring weather.  Yes!  In January?!

On January 30th we met Grandy at the Botanical Gardens, in honor of Rick/PopPop on the first anniversary of his passing.  It was a beautiful morning & I'm certain Rick was watching & smiling down.
The rest of January was pretty uneventful (if you don't count the number of times we were all sick w/ coughs, colds or allergies). We went to "school"; lots of coloring' play dates with friends & just hanging out.

At the beginning of February, we went to a birthday party of a very special, little girl.  A girl by the name of Delilah M., AKA "the other Delilah", celebrated her 5th birthday.  The kids joined their classmates at a wonderful party with the theme of Frozen.  There was even a visit from a special "someone".

Since Rich worked a 1/2 day on the Sunday of Super Bowl, the kids & I hung out & played while the game was on in the background.  Instead of chips & beer... we dined on chocolate chip cookies & popcorn!
 Valentines Day is always very special around here.  I made the kids shirts for school & sent them in with lots of fun treats for their "Valentines'" at school.
On the actual date of Valentines Day, Rich & I got together with some dear friends (The Walker's & the Jupe's) to dine on an exquisite meal, prepared by one of my oldest friends, Toby Delarosa.  It was served in the comfort of Kevin & Angela's home.  Afterwards, we all played games, had a few drinks, & laughed like we hadn't laughed in a long time.  Great memories made with wonderful people.
 This was the first year that we have taken Jett & Delilah to mass for Ash Wednesday.  They did awesome throughout the entire mass.  Delilah just didn't like that her head was "dirty".
Most of February was filled much of the usual... school; hanging with the neighbors; coloring; an adventure with Grandy; more doctor visits; spending time at the land; & playdates.


 Something VERY special & exciting happened to Delilah in February!  She lost her very first tooth!!!  At 5 1/2 years old!!!  She was a real trooper & didn't cry at all.  And, I'm sure I'm a little biased... but, she's still beautiful, even with a snaggle-toothed smile!
As one of our special, little projects, we made pinecone bird feeders.  We simply (ooorrr, not so simply) c0vered the pinecone in peanut butter then rolled it in birdseed.  It didn't take long before it was completely stripped.
Both kids are still really into arts & crafts.  Especially Delilah.  She colors all of the time & even asked Mommy to help her with her "fancy writing letters".

 Well, I'm doing a little bit better at the blog posts this year... It's only March & I've already gotten around to posting about January & February.  Much better than last year when I waited until June!

Well, until next time... which will hopefully be next month... Jett & Delilah say:
"Yeeeee Haaaaaw!!!!"

Western Day at School