02 November 2014


JETT & DELILAH ARE NOW 4 YEARS OLD!!!!  We can't believe it either.  I swear it was just yesterday that our sweet Angels were born weighing barely 5 pounds.  Now, they are each about 35 pounds & growing like weeds!  Of course, to celebrate our babies 4 years in this world, we had to throw a party.  One where friends & family could literally party like Rock Stars!
I first want to thank everyone that lent a helping hand in making it possible.  Whether it was watching the kids for us while we decorated; helping us decorate; loaning us prop items (drum set); helping cook/bake all of the yummy goodies; or attending the party, itself... THANK YOU!!!  It truly does "take a village" & we couldn't do it without each of you!
As I mentioned, a couple of people helped in keeping the Twins busy while we decorated & such.  The night before the party, Caitlin & Adam Block invited them over to their house to hang with their 3 boys, Jacob, Eli & Caleb.
 The next morning, on the day of the party, Grandy took them to have a very special breakfast & day at the park.
The preparation for these parties is always fun for me (For Rich?  Not so much).  I wanted to make sure everything had a little Rock & Roll flare to it!  Here's a list of the snacks:  Sandwiches made w/ rye & white bread to resemble a keyboard; drumsticks (pretzel rods); Pop rocks; Rock candy; Eminems (M & M's); Milli Vanilli wafers; REM's Orange Crush punch; Red Hot Chili Peppers (stuffed jalapeno's); Guitar picks (potato chips); KISS's; Savage Garden veggies; Guitar strings (red licorice whips); Albums (black licorice circles); Sugar cookies in the shapes of albums, music notes & stars; BOSTON baked beans; Jammin' jelly beans & Pixie STYX.
   Luckily enough I found a great stash of some of my Mom's, brother's & my old vinyl albums & records & used a TON of them for decorations!  I even used them for the actual party invitations themselves.

I made special outfits for Jett & Delilah to wear along with shirts for the "Crew" to wear.  And, of course Brisa, the Twins own, little "Roadie", had to have a shirt, too!
One of our friends is a drummer in a band & was kind enough to let us borrow his set for the party.  Thank you, Keith Jupe!!!  The drums were a HUGE hit.  Maybe not for our neighbors... but, the kids loved them!
 At the front door I placed a "welcome sign" along side a basket of "backstage passes" for our Fans to wear... Just in case they were to get questioned by the backstage "Crew".
 As a fun craft for the party-goers, we had a "Tune Your Guitar" table set up.  There, they could take plain, white "guitars" cut out of poster board & decorate them w/ crayons, markers & stickers.
 We also had a karaoke machine set up so everyone could show off their talents.  I even gave it a whirl.  Hmmm... maybe that's yet another reason our neighbor's aren't speaking to us?!

One of the big highlights of the party, for Jett & Delilah, is always the "Happy Birthday" song & blowing out the candles.  And, I won't lie... diving head first into the yummy cupcakes.  Literally.
 We had such a wonderful afternoon with so many of our wonderful friends & family!

A very special thank you to my husband for always humoring me with the decoration details; to Milagros, Angela & Cat for all of your hard work with the party prep; & to Caitlin & Grandy for helping keep the kiddos occupied while we got everything together.  
Again, thank you to everyone who helped make Jett & Delilah's 4th birthday a very special one!!!

On the day of their actual birthday, they had "school" & Rich was on shift.  I made cupcakes to take up to their school & they had a special celebration for all of the b-day kids.  They even got to stand on stage.
 After school I took Jett & Delilah to a nearby pond that has ducks & turtles.  Their dear friend Owen met us up there to play & feed the ducks.
That evening, for dinner, I let them choose where they wanted to eat.  So, Taco Cabana it was.  The Strotteners, Clarence, Milagros, Brisa & Grandy all joined us for a yummy, Mexican food dinner.

 Well, before ya know it my posts will consist of middle school parties; gymnastics meets, football games & proms.  But, until then, I'm going to do my very best to enjoy my little munchkins in THIS moment... as precious, beautiful/handsome, smart, funny & amazing 4 year olds.  I wish they could stay my little babies forever.