14 October 2015


We started off August by taking a trip to say our final goodbyes to my Dad, Grandaddy, Billy Stringer.  As he requested, he was cremated & his ashes released into Galveston Bay, right off of the Texas City Dike.  Beforehand, a group of his long time friends & family gathered to reminisce & share old stories.  We were all laughing & crying at the same time.  All in all it was a beautiful celebration of a wonderful man's life.

After saying goodbye, we stuck around for a few days to enjoy some, of what could be the last of, precious moments at the coast.  One of the things that I will always remember the most about Texas City & Moses Lake, are the amazing sunsets.
 Once we were back at home, after Dad's service, we tried to go back to doing the things that put smiles on our babies faces & positive steps forwards.  So, the remainder of August was filled with family game-nights, playdates, an adventure with Grandy & hanging out at home.
I hate to continue these posts with such sad things as the family deaths that we've endured this past 8 months.  Unfortunately, August brought yet another sad passing.  Our best-buddy, loyal companion; faithful friend & member of our fur-family, Homer, had to be put to sleep in August.  He had degenerative myelopathy wich caused him to slowly lose the feeling & control in his legs.  Once it got to a point where we knew in our hearts that he was not having the quality of life that he deserved, we decided to say good-bye.  We had a vet come to the house, to do a home-euthenasia.  It was very peaceful, quick & we were right by his side until the very end.  We will miss that big guy very much & will carry him in our hearts & memories for ever.
 The very next day after we had to say good bye to Homer, some children dropped off a scraggly, tiny, 2 week old kitten, to Rich's firestation.  Somehow, I believe that Homer may have just sent that little soul to us.  To love, care for & teach the gift of pet ownership to Jett & Delilah.  We have named her Cinder & she's already worked her little way into our hearts.

In September we spent my birthday back at the coast.  We played at the park; walked the beach, searching for sea shells (we hauled in quite the load!); went to Kemah & rode on the carousel; & enjoyed the peacefulness that comes with being by the water.
Soon after we came home from Texas City it was time for Jett & Delilah to head back to "school".  They really love their time at Bulverde Baptist Church & we are anxious to see what new things are learned this year. 
 On 9-11-15, Rich participated in the Annual Tower of America's Climb, in honor of the first responders & everyone that lost their lives in that 9-11 tragedy.  The kids & I went to support him & show our pride in the man that not only takes great care of us, but also the citizens of our City.
Right before the Twins' birthday, Delilah had a BALL at her BFF's birthday party.  Olivia had a Princess themed party to celebrate her 5th birthday & Delilah was truly in her element.  The girls wore tiaras, white gloves & had their hair done by "professionals".  
 Our own babies turned 5 this year.  Well, guess they are no longer babies.  They are fast-growing, fast learning, (all knowing :) kids.  This year, since they are totally consumed with anything & everything that has to do with Arts & Crafts, we celebrated accordingly, on September 27th.  Jett & Delilah had special shirts & berets to wear.  We made sure that everyone had their own, personalized art apron to don.  Each child painted their own picture frame to take home as well as decorated their own cupcake to eat.  They painted on huge sheets hung on the back yard fence, ate yummy snacks & all had a wonderful time. 

 On their actual birthday, we started the morning with one of their favorites... Cinnamon rolls.  They had a big day at school where they called them up on stage & sang the Birthday Song to them.  Then, that night, we went to Sandra's to celebrate with friends.  The Strottners & Rondinelli's came along & made the evening even more special  All in all... it was a wonderful week of joy, celebrating our beautiful miracles being alive, in this world, for 5 years.
To finish off, I want to include, as I always do, pictures that I felt were just way too cute not to share.
 I hope that this post finds everyone doing well & enjoying the Fall.  Goodbye for now...