06 November 2013


Although I jumped ahead & posted all about the wonderful birthday "carnival" that we had for Jett & Delilah, I wanted to backtrack some & share some photos about the rest of this beautiful Fall we are having.
Early in the month of September Grandy volunteered to take the kids day-camping.  Rich decided to join them & since I'm sure most of y'all know how much I just loooove to camp... well, uuummm... let's just say my idea of "roughing it" means there's no room service, so I stayed behind:)  But, needless to say they 4 of them had a WONDERFUL "adventure"!
As mentioned in my last post, we went to Galveston at the end of September.  It was perfect weather... we could play on the beach & search for sea shells without scorching in the sun.  We went to Murdock's on the sea wall & relaxed on the deck with a beer then had a nice dinner on the patio of Bayou Bistro.  And, as is the norm... we hung out on the back patio, by the water while the kiddos played in the yard.


Aaaaaand, JUMP!!!!!

 Early in October we celebrated the birthday & life of little Wyatt McDaniel.  The gathering was held at the McDaniel's horse farm.  Friends, family & even strangers attended to help raise money for the non-profit organization Bridges of Support. While we were there, the kids got to see a horse up close & we had their "portraits" drawn.
One of our favorite things about Fall is all of the fun pumpkin patches.  Jett & Delilah really had fun this year... there were TONS of pumpkins, a hay maze, lots of scary goblins & a bounce house.
Doing their best Mummy interpretation

As some of y'all will recall, in August we had a sleep study done on Jett.  He was having problems sleeping through the night & always seemed to have a lot of nasal congestion.  The ENT informed us that he had extremely large tonsils & adenoids & she recommended them being removed.  So, in October, we did just that.  It was a fairly rough surgery for him & the following 2 weeks were even worse.  My poor, little buddy was really hurting.  But, he was brave & strong... such a trooper.
Saying goodbye before we left for the hospital
In recovery
Delilah keeping her brother company while recovering at home

 The doctors instructions for Jett's recovery included keeping him calm (no jumping, running, swimming or getting overheated) for 2 weeks?!?!  She's obviously never had a 3 yr old in her close vicinity?!  In an attempt to follow her orders, we did a lot of playing in the house... make-believe picnics; coloring; playing with cars & trucks & the occasional wagon ride.

We also had some great play-dates with friends.  Owen Strottner & his Mom (my dear friend, Michelle) came over one day.  We played, had lunch & went for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Amber Wefel joined us on one of our walks, too.  We also went to the firehouse to visit Rich & I got to visit with another fellow Mom of Twins, Natalie Pearson.  Her & her husband Dean have boy/girl twins, Gemma & Oliver.  They are so cute.  Hard to remember ours being that small.

The San Antonio Mother's of Multiples group hosted a Family Fall Festival this year.  The twins had a wonderful time decorating their own pumpkins & playing with the other kids.  OH, & of course... the lollipops they munched on all afternoon.


The Anderson Halloween was a HUGE success this year!  I decorated the door & Jett & Delilah had a ball decorating pumpkins (& their faces:).  I also sent some festive treats to the fire station for the guys to enjoy.  On the morning of Halloween we began the day with yummy cinnamon rolls covered in orange icing.  That evening, before trick or treating, we had our traditional pumpkin shaped pizza for dinner.  Then, we hit the streets with some of our favorite goblins:  Clarence, Milagros & Brisa; Kelly, Meredith & Mazzie Clark & Patrick, Michelle & Owen Strottner.  We also met up with the Wefel's & their 3 beautiful little girls.  Everyone had an absolute ball!!  It's going to be tough for me to beat this year's costumes as rock band KISS.



Cousins having a great time
 Well, I hope this Fall is finding each of you enjoying every minute.  Before you know it Christmas will be here & then a whole new year... Wow!!  Until next, HUGS & KISSES from the Anderson's!