16 July 2013


I was recently asked if Rich & I "wanted" Twins when we started our family or were we scared to death at the thought.  I guess it was a combination of both... With our "trek" down the road of infertility we knew that having multiples was a possibility.  But, I never really imagined that I would/could be a Mom of Twins, Triplets or more.  When they did the first ultrasound that confirmed that there were 2 babies in there, we were elated!!!  I knew that at my age of 42 (& for those of y'all doing the math, they are almost 3 yrs old, now:) this would be my one & only pregnancy so having 2 at one time... Wow!!  What a way to multi-task!!!:)  Then, as my pregnancy progressed it started to really sink in... 1 Mommy but 2 babies?!?!  And, I'll be the first to admit that the 1st 6 months were truly some of the toughest times in my life.  Truth be told, there are still moments when I feel bad/guilty for my kids... that THEY are the ones being short changed by having to share our time & patience.  But, then God will give me a precious moment every now & then when they just stop playing to give each other a hug; or, they race one another to come & sit on my lap; or, my family of 4 is all piled onto our bed on a Saturday morning, watching Doc McStuffins.  It's those moments that my eyes well up with tears & I realize that I wouldn't change a thing!
Among our favorite things to do still is going to the park.  That is, when it's not 100 degrees outside. Jett & Delilah have really learned to play well together, climb up on everything & make 1,000 trips down the slide!
Flushed with excitement after hard playing at the park!

At the end of May the Twins had their last day at Little Gym until Fall.  I can't express enough just how much they LOVED their classes @ Little Gym... they went from shy, uncoordinated toddlers to agile, outgoing little adventurers.

 In true Anderson fashion, we always seem to have a project (or 2) underway in our home.  (Rich SWEARS that he's going to put a parental block on the HGTV channel:).  In May we did a little updating to our laundry room... & of course, we had helpers:

 On occasion, although NOT very often, San Antonio does get a little rain.  On those rare days we just love to hang out together...& do a lot of nothing.

I'd be totally remiss if I finished up talking about the month of May & didn't mention that on one of the hottest days, our A/C went out totally!!  So, until we could get a new one installed the next morning, we made due w/ cool baths, a window unit & Jett & Delilah slept in diapers.
For Christmas last year, Jonathon & Lauren gave the kids an oversized puzzle of a firetruck.  They absolutely love it & have actually gotten pretty good at putting it together.
Early in the month we took a little trip (a "venture" as the twins like to say) to Kerrville to visit Aunt Carol, Cousin Kelly & her 2 sons, JD & Scott.  We all had such a wonderful time... it's so heartwarming to see my babies getting to know their cousins. And, as always, I cherish the time with family... it seems the older I get, the more important those moments mean.
snack time

Delilah loves Kyles old piano

Rich worked on Father's Day so we celebrated on Saturday instead.  Grandy joined us & we surprised Daddy w/ a gift, card & a trip to eat his favorite food... PIZZA.
On Sunday, Father's Day, we went to the station to visit Rich.  Seems as though we spend a lot of holidays up there:)
Rich & I celebrated our 4th anniversary this year.  Chris came to sit with the babies & we enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner at Paesano's.  I sure can't imagine this life without him by my side.
Have I mentioned how much Jett & Delilah LOVE going to the park  On this particular trip their friend Owen & his mom, Michelle, joined us for the fun.
In an effort to beat this SA heat, Grandy bought the kids a water sprinkler to play in.  They weren't sure what to think of it, at first.  But, it didn't take long before they figured out that it was tons of fun.

 Auntie Jen came to visit us in June.  Jett & Delilah had a great time visiting with her & the yummy breakfast at The Magnolia Pancake House.  During her visit, a very rare phenomenon occurred, the Super Moon.  During this time, the moon is closer to the earth than it will ever be in many years.
 Remembering back to my good ol' days, where I spent many nights in pink, soft curlers... I decided it was time to roll my little Princess's hair.  And, of COURSE Jett wanted to try it, too.
The "after" pic... after nap
We had another special visitor in June.  Yo-Yo Steve stopped by the house to visit... & he got tricked into doing a little bit of coloring, too. 
To finish off the month, we attended the birthday party for Vanessa Benavidez's daughter, Mia.  They even had a petting zoo there.  Everyone was had a great time.
July definitely started out with a bang.  And, I don't mean from the fireworks.  2 nights before we were due to leave to go to Galveston, to see Grandaddy, Jett ended up with an ear infection & on antibiotics.  As if that wasn't enough, the night before we were to leave Rich came down with the flu!  Yep, in July!  So, Delilah & I got out of there as fast as we could, haha!!  We spent the holiday with my Dad. We went to the beach several times; played in the back yard w/ Snoopy; blew what seemed to be a gallon of bubbles; colored & visited w/ Grandaddy.
Hitting the "open road" with my girl
I'm SURE they were solving all of the worlds problems


While we were there, we also went to my Mom's graveside to leave some flowers.  When we were leaving Delilah waved & said "bye-bye, Memaw!!"

Meanwhile, back at the "ranch"... Chris came over to hang out with the 2 sick boys.
 I'm pretty sure that Jett & Delilah missed each other while they were apart.  The morning after Delilah & I arrived home, we all had breakfast together at Sonic & then played in the sprinklers.

The kids have been into this real artsy kick... always asking to color &/or play w/ their stickers.  So, I ran across some fun paint books w/ the paint squares directly on the page.  They had a great time (even though they rubbed the pages so hard that they made holes:)
On July 8th, Rich took a promotional exam to become an Engineer with the SAFD.  So, after the test, in celebration of his awesome score of 95, I surprised him with a quiet brunch down on the river walk.  I had one of my new friends, from the group SA Mom's of Multiples, Melissa Turner, come sit with the Twins.  They had a blast!!
We were just blessed with some more much needed rain.  We armed the kids with umbrella's (that they held for about a nano-second & then handed off to Rich & I) & went for a walk around the neighborhood.  We all had a good time.
Here just some random pictures that were taken in the last few months... I felt they were just too cute not to share:


Well, that sums up the last couple of months.  I hope each of you are enjoying your summer & I hope to hear from or see y'all very soon.
With much love,