05 December 2012


Well, November did not disappoint... it was very busy & fulfilling.  Throughout the month, on Facebook, I posted daily something that I was thankful for.  As the days passed it really hit me just how blessed my family & I are.

Jett & Delilah's most recent favorite thing to do is to go to the park & play on the slides... Up the stairs & down the slide... over & over & over.  They especially love it when their best friend Owen joins us.  These three kids have so much fun together.

They love each other so much!
Amongst all of the fun that we had, Delilah had another "first"... She wore her hair in a "ponytail" for the very first time.  She was absolutely adorable! 

Something else occurred in November that made the month super special... Jett & Delilah's cousin, Brisa Bella Stringer, was born on November 16th.   I'm so happy that my brother's daughter & my kids will actually have the opportunity to grow up together.

For the Thanksgiving Holiday we packed up the Anderson Battle Wagon & headed to Galveston.  We had a wonderful time visiting with Grandaddy; sharing the Thanksgiving meal with the Gartons & of course going to the neighborhood park.

Every Holiday must include a tantrum

She's SUCH her daddy's girl

  As you can see, November was a hectic but fun-filled month.  As we head into December I'm looking forward to what the Christmas Season will bring.