10 July 2011


We decided to take the whole family (including Homer, our 120lb German Sheppard) to visit Dad/Grandaddy in Bayou Vista, for the 4th of July.  It took 1.5 days of preparation, 3 bags & 1 large storage box to get there.  Gone are the days of throwing a few essentials in the back pack & heading off on the motorcycle, Ha Ha!  But, we wouldn't change it for the world.  I mean, just LOOK at all of the fun that we had...

                             ALL PACKED UP & AWAY WE GO!

The first order of business...well, after relaxing with a banana daiquiri...was to take the "Beans" to the beach.  The first time we attempted to have a family-fun-day on Galveston beach Jett tried to dig his way to China by eating fistfuls of sand.  And, Delilah, the little Princess that she is, wouldn't stand for her twinkle toes to touch the sand let alone sit & play in it.  But, this time was much different.  Neither child wanted to get out of the sand & water.  We're pretty sure that they would have spent the entire day "basking in the sun"  if Mommy & Daddy hadn't petered out.

After a wonderful, fun-filled day of teaching our off-spring the finer points of becoming a beach bum we were invited over for dinner with Roberta & Johnny Garton.  As usual, the food was amazing.

The following day was the Fourth of July!!  We passed the day with Grandaddy by clicking approximately 2,000 pictures in hopes of getting just ONE where they are both looking at the camera with even a semi-smile on their faces.  Whew!!!
To wind down our Holiday we headed down to the community swimming pool.  This was the first time that Jett & Delilah had ever been in a pool deeper than 6".  So, armed with a ton of sunscreen, hats & floaties we hopped in for a "dip".  Needless to say, the Twins are just like Mom & Dad... they love the water!!
That ended our fabulous, first Fourth of July with our babies!!!  It was truly an amazing weekend & we are looking forward to our next trip to "The Beach"!!!