15 September 2014


Well, technically it's the end of summer.  But, seeing as we live in south Texas... not really.  The weather is still beautiful & we are making the most of it.
Towards the end of July we embarked, again, on what seems to be a helpless, frustrating & uncoordinated mess... The dreaded Family Photo Session.  But, much to my surprise, things went relatively smoothly.  The photographer was amazing with the Twins & they were extremely well behaved.  Well, as behaved as 3.5 year old kids can be while doing something that they totally have NO interest in!!  Here are some of our favorites:

 Also in July, Jett & Delilah attended their very first Vacation Bible School.  They had an absolute BLAST!!!  They did a ton of arts & crafts; sang songs; learned Bible stories & played outside w/ new friends.

 In addition to the VBS, Jett & Delilah also had their last session of "Super Wednesdays" at the church at which they now attend school 2 days per week.  They made some wonderful friends & memories this summer!

In an effort to beat the summer heat, we try to keep the Twins busy with a lot of indoor activities.  Of course, Jett is still obsessed w/ his cars.  But, they have now turned into modern day Picasso's!!  They absolutely LOVE to draw & color.  Delilah is very meticulous about trying to stay "inside the lines" & has already learned how to spell & write "mom".  I couldn't be more proud.  One particular day, we all sat together & decorated sun visors with stickers. Here are some of their latest works of art... Ya never know... could be worth some money some day?

When they are not at the park or the pool, Jett & Delilah can usually be found in "their" playroom.  One afternoon, while doing chores around the house, I realized that it was eerily quiet up stairs.  So, I decided to go have a look.  What I saw completely took my breath away... they had destroyed the game room in the fashion that only 2 children can do!!!  Everything, & I mean everything, was out of the boxes, bags, off shelves, out of drawers...
We had some new neighbors move in directly across the street from us.  The Block's... They have 3 adorable boys, Jacob, Eli & Caleb.  They are all becoming such fast friends.  We get together often for play dates, swimming in the community pool & playing at the park.

At the end of July we took the kids to see a movie, Planes, Fire & Rescue.  It was Jett's very first time (I had taken Delilah to see Frozen over the Holiday's last year).  He was mesmerized.  So was Daddy!

In August, our dear friends, The Walker's, had their son Andre leave for college.  To say goodbye we all got together for a BBQ & swim party.  It was a great afternoon with truly wonderful friends.
Here are some photos of just their everyday playing & shenanigan's.  Let's just say that there is never a dull moment here, at Anderson Asylum.

Please, note the streaker photo bomb

Delilah "planking" while coloring.  She's a multi-tasker

Chores: Feeding Homer

When ya gotta go... Ya gotta go!

Much to my dismay, Delilah has developed quite the sassy attitude.  Unfortunately, I'm fairly confident that she gets that honestly.  With that being said... the Time-out chair has been getting a LOT of use lately.  And, maybe it's a Twin thing... but, even when she's in time-out, Jett doesn't leave her side.  Partners in crime until the end, I guess.  (Homer joins them, too, just to keep them company).
Our latest trip to Galveston, to see Dad, was in late August, over the Labor day weekend.  The first couple of days were kinda dreary but we made the best of it.  We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant; walked in the sand searching for sea shells & on the last day, while sunny, played on the beach.
 We have gotten into the habit lately, of having Family pizza & movie night.  We thoroughly enjoy this special time with our kids.  And, they thoroughly enjoy the PIZZA & popcorn.

 September marked a very big milestone for the Twins & myself.  They started a Mother's Day Out Program (or as they like to call it... school) 2 days per week, from 9am-2pm.  It's at a local church near by, Bulverde Baptist Church.  It's been quite the adjustment as I've been strictly a stay-at-home-mom since before they were born (I was on bed rest for a significant part of my pregnancy).  While it's definitely nice to have that time to get errands ran & chores done... I must admit, I miss them on the days they are away.  I find myself wondering what they are doing; if they are eating well; playing nicely; missing me? Ha Ha.  They seem to have jumped in with both feet & are truly loving the school-like atmosphere.  As I've mentioned to some already, I pray they will have this same enthusiasm 10 years from now.
During the time they are at school, they allow for a nap/quiet time.  For this, they need to have their very own nap mats.  So, I tried my hand at sewing the covers myself.  They turned out ok & the twins love them.
 Here's a few pics from their first day of school & with their new teacher, Mrs. Jennifer.  They've really taken to her & already made some wonderful friends.  Everyday they ask "is today school day?"
 They even got a special treat after their first day of school... Sherbert topped with colorful sprinkles.
Something that I've learned since raising a boy... once they've discovered their "private parts" (or what's supposed to be private, anyway?)... they NEVER let it go!  Here's a typical picture of Jett & Delilah... Delilah dressed up in some costume or crazy shoes... & then, there's Jett...

Just last week the kiddos were invited to a special birthday party of one of their new friends, Sophia.  It had a theme from their most favorite movie... Frozen.  It was complete w/ a huge bounce house; a face painter & a special guest, Elsa the Queen, herself.  They still haven't stopped talking about it!
Well, that about does it for the Anderson clan, for now.  Jett & Delilah's 4th birthday is coming up at the end of the month so that will be the next post from me.
Until then, hugs & kisses from Rich, myself & the Anderson Twins...