09 March 2013


I really thought that since I was trading in the hustle & bustle of the workforce to stay at home with Jett & Delilah that it would come with a slower pace in life.  HA!  It feels as though I am busier than ever & practically fall in to bed every evening totally exhausted.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Valentines Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine.  So, of course I now love to celebrate it with the "loves of my life".  Rich had to work that day so I loaded up the Twins & headed to the station, with treats in tow, of course.  I made Jett & Lila some last minute t-shirts to wear & switched up their heart shaped candy boxes just a bit.  (In lieu of all of the candy they chowed down on goldfish; raisins; cheerios & marshmallows).

Jett sharing his treats with Daddy...
Daddy realizing it had already been chewed!
 One of the kids (& ours, too) favorite things to do is to go play at the park.  Lucky for us there is a park right next to the library only about 2 miles away.  There is also a walking trail there that we all enjoy.  So, any time the weather is nice we head out for the park.
When they say "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" I'm certain they must have been talking about Jett & his Daddy.  Neither of which are morning people.  While Delilah & I, on the other hand, wake up smiling & babbling.
We had a super fun play date this month... Mazzie & Owen came over to play with Jett & Delilah while the Mommy's got to visit.  By the end of the morning my Family room looked like a BOMB had gone off.  Good times...
Now that Delilah's hair is getting long enough, I've been experimenting with different hairstyles for her.  First was the pony-tail & now... the piggy-tails.  As for Jett, we're working on the Beiber look.
Every year some of the firefighters participate in the CF Tower Climb & Run to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.  The climb is 952 steps to the very top of the San Antonio Tower of America's.  Rich participated again this year.  We are VERY proud of him.
Every day, after their nap, the Twins like to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  They have such fun exploring & looking at all of the things along the way.  We just love to watch them learn.


In an effort to help raise money for a friend from highschool, who tragically lost her 7 year old son, we joined some friends at CeCe's Frozen Yogurt.  While the Twins loved the new treat, they definitely wore more of the stuff than they ate.
One of my most favorite times of day with my little munchkins is first thing in the morning.  They are NORMALLY in great moods & sooo warm & cuddly.
Our everyday life, here at the Anderson Asylum, always consists of LOTS & LOTS of playing & goofing around the house.

I try to steal every moment that I can with my 2 precious babies on my lap... the time will soon come when they won't fit or won't want to be there.
   We hope everyone has a wonderful start to Spring!  Hugs & kisses to all of our family & friends both near & far!