23 September 2012


Wow!  I know it sounds like an old cliche... but, time really does go by too fast.  It seems like just yesterday our "babies" were turning one.  Now, here it is September again & our "toddlers" are about to turn TWO!!!  For the theme this year, we had NO choice but to go with "BUGS"!!!  It was one of Jett's first words that he'd act out with his hands & Delilah has 3 stuffed animal/bugs that she refuses to let out of her sight; bottom line... they LOVE bugs!!  So, with the help of Pintrist, my imagination went wild.  From the invites to the spoons & plates I did my best to incorporate the little critters into everything.  We made a beehive for over the dining room table; lightening bugs for over the breakfast table; decorated the front door; found a lady bug flag to fly high on our home; our wonderful friend Michelle Strottner made the sign for the entryway; flower pots decorated with bugs were placed around the house; all of the food had a common thread... bugs:); and finally, bugs were popping out of everywhere. 


 On the menu I served various snacks trying to keep with the whole "bug" theme.  In addition to the goodies pictured below we also had Rolly-Pollies (chocolate covered raisins); worm holes (powdered sugar donuts); Bee's Wax (Bit-O-Honey); Sweet & Sour bugs (gummy worms & butterflies); Ladybug Bites (red & black licorice candy); & Bug shaped lolli-pops.
Napkins w/ spider ring napkin holders

Butterfly Treats - Baggie filled half & half with goldfish & grapes

Ants On A Log - Celery w/ peanut butter & raisins
Cake Pops adorned with critters
Caterpillar Kabobs - Grapes on skewers w/ icing as eyes

Dirty Worms - Chocolate pudding with a worm inside & topped with chocolate cookies
In lieu of Party Hats the kids got to choose a set of Antenna to wear & take home

I think she may have changed her mind.

"Tell me I don't have antennae on my head!"

Grandy trying to coax Lilah onto to the Bounce Castle

Owen & Jett are ready to try it out!

My beautiful Love-Bug
Everywhere that Jett went his cars were sure to go...

Even Mommy got sprayed w/ silly string

Growing bugs in water

Me, Clarence & precious Tucker

"Heeeelp... get me outta here!"

Aunt Carol, her friend Kim Becker & Angela Walker

Milagros, GrandPa, Clarence, Tucker & the Strottner's

Vanessa, Sophia & Little Mia Benavidez
Emma Hyde & Mazzie Clark

The Hyde Family

Michelle & Owen Strottner

The Raymond Family

Singing "Happy Birthday" to my babies

Lilah prefers to eat it one sprinkle at a time

Bug Spray (Silly string) in the nets as the party favor
Party Favor - Butterfly nets filled with lots of goodies
We had such a wonderful time celebrating this special occasion with our friends & family.  Thank you to all that attended... it means a lot to us.  Now, to prepare for their actual birth day, September 30th.  We plan on having another fantastic day!!   

20 September 2012


Delilah had a VERY special date this week... a date with her favorite boy in the whole world (well, besides for her brother, of course)... her DADDY!!!  Our dear friends, the Clarks, told us about the Daddy-Daughter Date Night at Chick Fil A and Rich jumped at the idea.  They met Kelly Clark & his daughter, Mazzie, for a double-date.  Upon arrival all of the gals were given a red rose & a balloon.  They played a little, ate dinner & then played a LOT more.  Meanwhile, Me & my special, handsome date... my wonderful son, Jett... met up with Meredith (Mazzie's mom) at Las Palapas where we had dinner & a couple of much needed margaritas.  Let me rephrase this... Meredith & I had the margs & Jett gulped down his milk:)  It was really a nice evening for all of us.  I'm just happy that Delilah's date was with her Daddy... which I know won't always be the case.