04 October 2011


A whole year has come & gone since my beautiful Twins, Jett & Delilah, entered this world.  It's been a year filled with happiness, trials, joy, anxiousness, love & amazing miracles.  Watching my two babies grow & learn & be transformed into little people IS a true miracle.
I guess you could say I went a tad overboard on the whole celebration thing.  I wanted this day to be so fun, so perfect, so special.  As most of you know, we have called the Twins the "Beans" since our very first sonogram.  That's what they looked like... little beans.  So, Rich had the wonderful idea to use that as our theme for their very first birthday.
We did all of the decorations ourselves which included a zillion balloons (just ask Clarence & Milagros... they helped me blow them up); baby heads (pics to follow); "poofs" for over the tables; jelly bean cut-outs; a jelly bean wreathe; balloons lining the driveway; jelly bean shaped cookies; jelly bean bark/candy; cupcakes w/ jelly beans on top; party hats with jelly beans glued on  & centerpieces for both tables made from jelly beans & twizzler candy.  As party favors for the kids to take home after the party I spray painted flower pots in red or purple, made cookie-pops & filled the pots with the pops & jelly beans.  We also served pizza, Chris brought a beautiful fruit tray & Sarah Krug brought over some yummy chips & dips.  The Twins had an absolute ball playing & visiting with everyone that helped us celebrate their day... family, friends, our firefighter-family & neighbors.  We played a couple of games (one of which was "pin the bean in the jar"), opened gifts & let Jett & Delilah chow down on their very first b-day cupcake...
Since the party was the weekend prior to their actual birthday I wanted to make sure that we also celebrated on the 30th!  So, the night before I snuck into their room & covered the floor in colorful balloons.  They were sooo excited to see them & they absolutely loved playing in them.

Next, it was time for breakfast... I took them for a stroll around the block so we could wait for Daddy to get home from work.  Then, I made them pancakes & topped it w/ a sparkler candle & we sang happy birthday.
After a morning of pancakes & playing the Twins took a little nap then we headed off to Bullis County Park.  They got to play on the swings for the very 1st time & wore themselves out giggling!

After a big day at the park we still had one more surprise for them... Swings of their very own to hang in our backyard!!

While we are a little sad to see their first year come to a close we are anxiously awaiting all of the new memories & milestones that this next year is sure to bring!