04 November 2012


This proved to be a very successful Halloween.  And, I'm not referring to all of the candy that Rich & I, uh, I mean the Twins collected. 
Since the first Pumpkin Patch "field trip" didn't prove to be the most authentic we took Jett & Delilah to another one at a nearby church.  I think it's fair to say they had a great time.


 Since the kiddos are still a little too young to "carve" their own pumpkin we thought it might be fun for them to decorate a "pankan" with a bunch of stickers.

Despite a couple of melt downs at the onset, we ALL had a wonderful time.  We had a bunch of friends, family & neighbors come over to join in the fun:  Grandy, Clarence & Milagros, The Clarks & the Strottners.  And, I think this is where I will mention that one adult, in particular, seemed to enjoy the candy escapades the most - Clarence!!!  His eyes lit up every time we approached a house that had chosen to set their bucket of candy out for the "honor system".
Since I know the day is fast approaching when Jett & Delilah will decide for themselves what they want to dress up as for Halloween... I'm taking full advantage of the fact that for now, I get to choose:)  So, The Flintstones it was.  Jett was Bam Bam, Delilah was Pebbles & Rich & I were Fred & Wilma.  Before hitting the streets with our gang we chowed down on some yummy, pumpkin-shaped pizza!
Here was the cast of characters:
Rosie(s) & the Pilot
A bunch of pirates

The Flintstones (2 of which were not happy)

Since our children have a "shelf life" of about 60 seconds when in front of a camera, the pre-festivity photo shoot didn't last long & we very quickly began the "Trick or Treat" tradition of running from house to house.  And, when I say "running" I mean "sprinting"!


 So, here's to the end of another season filled with costumes, pumpkins & lots of candy.  We are now ready for falling leaves, sweaters, Thanksgiving & all of the other wonderful things that November brings.