21 September 2017


So, one thing is for certain... the older the Twins get, the busier we get!  I can't believe summer is already over and Jett & Delilah have just started First grade!  But, what a fabulous summer we had!!!  We took two trips to two different beaches; had a ton of play dates; attended a couple of Vacation Bible School's; took adventures with Grandy; lots of swimming in the neighborhood pool.  As the time passed by... Jett & Delilah seemed to grow by leaps and bounds!  Here is a peek at the amazing last 3 or so months:

We started the summer in low speed.  We slept in (if 7am is REALLY considered sleeping in!); had family game-nights; & made the most of our fresh water creek in the back yard!


The first beach trip we took was to Bolivar Island, Galveston.  Grandy went with us and we all had a wonderful weekend of sun, sand & waves.  We also had the opportunity to meet up with Johnny & Roberta Garton, for dinner.  We went to Gus's, Dad's favorite restaurant.  It was great to catch up and make some special memories.

Uncle Clarence's birthday is in June.  We celebrated with him, family & friends at Eggspectation.  Milagros made a delicious cake, cookies & brought fun photo props!
Towards the end of the month, we attended a BBQ fundraiser for the fallen firefighter, Scott Deem.  The twins got to join us & of course HAD to have their picture taken on the firetruck.

Fourth of July was a BLAST!  Literally!!  We began the day with cinnamon rolls & mimosa's and a dip in the neighbors pool.  Then, we headed over to some friend's house for dinner and fireworks.  Jett & Delilah even got to shoot off some Roman candles.

We also took our very first Family Tubing Trip.  We dropped in the Guadalupe river at a little place right off of 281.  The water was very low so we had to walk a good portion of it. (Rich also had to drag us a good portion!)
In July we attended another fundraiser for firefighter's.  It was at our favorite nursery, Spring Creek Gardens.  They gave us real, autographed fireman boots to fill with dirt & plant with beautiful flowers.  It was for a great cause AND we had fun!
Towards the end of the month Rich and I had a play-date of our own!  We joined several other of our SAFD family and painted cornhole boards!!!  It was sooo much fun!

Early in August we had a very special visitor!  One of my oldest & dearest friends, Kim Moritz, came to San Antonio.  We had a wonderful time sipping wine, having dinner, laying out by the pool & catching up.  We even met up with another old friend, Keith Geramita, so Kim could get her very first tattoo!
Our family also attended a baby shower for baby Luna, daughter of Brandon & Mikaela.  We got to visit with friends and family and celebrate another beautiful blessing.

In August we made the most of the little summer we had left, and headed off to the beach, again.  But, this time we went to Corpus Christie.  Of course, we started the trip off with breakfast at IHOP.  We met up with some firefighter families as well as Clarence, Milagros & Brisa.  We hung out by the pool; played in the sand & waves; ate at yummy restaurants; and even got to hear a great band play.  Most importantly, we made some everlasting memories.

We were very fortunate to get to experience the solar eclipse!  Rich made the Twins their "box-glasses" so they could watch it without damaging their eyes.  While I'm not totally sure they understood exactly what was happening, I'm thankful to have captured it in these pictures.

Along with the eclipse came a hurricane.  Hurricane Harvey to be exact, and he rocked our world!  It caused great havoc in many places such as Houston, Corpus Christie, Rock Port & Port Aransas.  We were blessed to stay safe and sound at home.  We also took the opportunity to play in the rain and splash in "muddy puddles".
With the end of summer comes the beginning of a new school year.  And of course with that... comes the back to school shopping, preparations & meet-the-teacher.
And just like that... They're FIRST graders!!!  I don't know where the time has gone.  But, I thank the Lord every day for their health, happiness and all of the time I do get to spend with them.  They woke up excited for the new year.  Of course we walked them into school.  Watching them as they walked down the long halls made me more than a little sad.
My 49th birthday was such a wonderful one!  I woke up to hand-made cards from my Loves followed by a Team meeting.  Rich & I met for lunch, did a little shopping then ended the evening with carrot cake... my fave!  That weekend, we had a date-night with the Strottner's, where we went to dinner and to see the movie IT.
Every year Rich participates in the 9/11 Tower Of America Climb.  Unfortunately, this was the first year that the twins couldn't join us but I was there to support our hero... we are very proud of him!
Not JUST in September... but, every month, Jett and Delilah are my best business-partners!  They tag along with me to almost every type of work errand... inspections, helping with mail-outs, Team meetings, showings & even closings.
Of course, their employment doesn't come free.  But, I pay with some of their favorites... sweet treats.
I'd be totally remiss if I didn't mention our sweet fur-babies... Cinder, Charlie, Mable & her twinnies (the deer that come by for breakfast & dinner almost every day), and the sweet cows that live on the neighboring ranch.
Finally are some photos of more great times... Grandparents Day at school with Grandy; vacation Bible school; play dates; golf cart rides and just being together.

Well, that's all for now.  Jett & Delilah's 7th birthday is on the 30th of September, so I'll be sure to update with lots of fun photos from the festivities.  Until then... enjoy what is SUPPOSED to be Fall.

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