11 January 2017


So, in the last 5 months, Jett & Delilah started kindergarten; our new home officially started; My new career is off with a bang; The twins turned 6 years old; Rich started studying again, for the Lieutenant's exam; and the Holiday's have come and gone.  We've all been busy... not sure doing what, exactly.  But, maybe this post will explain it.

The ONLY thing to do in the middle of August, when it's raining... play IN the rain, IN our underwear!!  Ooooohhhh, to be 5 years old!
One day we were blessed with the opportunity to adopt a new kitten.  He was just so beautiful and sweet.  We named him Guinness.  (OK, Rich named him, obviously).  Oddly enough, Cinder got along with him just great.
Before school started Jett and Delilah went to "Meet The Teacher" at Specht Elementary School.  They weren't nervous at ALL!  We didn't get a picture of them with their teacher (first teacher... long story), as it was such a crazy evening. But, here's one of them, before we left for the school:
Afterwards, to celebrate their big evening, a trip to LuLu's Frozen Yogurt seemed appropriate.
It's safe to say that Delilah missed her girlfriends all summer!  She drew pictures for each of them.
Sooo, a few lines up, I mentioned that there was long story about the kids teacher's at school.  Well, after their original "meet the teacher" it turns out that the classes were over-filled.  Therefore, Jett and Delilah were switched to a new teacher, Mrs. Padgett.  (The funny part of this story is that she only lasted 2 weeks.  Then, after a substitute teacher for another 2 weeks... The finally landed their permanent teacher... Mrs. Batot)  Anyhoo- Here's a pic of them with Mrs. Padgett:
On their first day of kindergarten, I was the only one with tears.  They were beyond excited.  Huge smiles ready to take on the world. Or, at least their first day of school.  I was soooo proud of my little ones!
To take the edge off, the neighborhhod bar, Helix, hosted a Mommy's and Mimosa's Morning.  So, all of us headed there for a drink or 2 and to share the stories of dropping off our babies!
Another HUGE & EXCITING thing happened in August... they started on our dream house in Spring Branch.  Form boards went up, for the foundation.
To celebrate a very successful first week at kindergarten, I took Jett & Delilah to Shipley's for a yummy donut breakfast.
One evening, while wrangling the twins for bed... I came across this and had to snap a picture.  It pretty much sums up our life... sword and princess wand. I will NEVER grow tired of seeing these little "signs" around our house.


With the onset of school, so comes the homework!  Jett & Delilah are actually pretty good at getting it knocked out right after snack time.  I just pray that stays the case for the next 12 years!
Specht ES started the year off with a fund raiser.  This was one that the kids actually enjoyed, called the Adventure Dash... they raised money and had a day of running around and playing.
We celebrated my birthday, like several others, at El Mira Sol.  Dear friends joined us for some amazing food; yummy margaritas; and an evening full of laughter.
Since my business has picked up, there are times that Jett & Delilah have to tag along with me to showings.  They truly are the best partners a girl can have.
Every year Rich participates in the 9/11 Tower Climb.  Me and the kids made our way downtown, to be at the base of the Tower when he finished.  It truly is such a humbling and moving ceremony.
On the weekends, there's still the normal shenanigan's of playing and tea party's.  Cinder even loves sitting in for the "tea".
This year's theme for Jett and Delilah's 6th birthday party was SUPER HEROES!  We had a wonderful afternoon with our friends and family!!!  I served a variety of "super snacks"; we set up a bounce house; and the kids got to decorate their very own mask.  As the children arrived, I made sure everyone had a super hero cape to wear.  After the piñata, everyone left with full tummy's and a box full of treats.


The day after their big bash, we sat down and let Jett & Delilah open all of their gifts.  Our children are beyond blessed to have such wonderful & giving friends and family.  (Cinder assisted in the tissue paper removal).
For their actual birthday, at school, I sent in some yummy popcorn bags and super hero gummy candies.
Later that evening, we met Grandy for dinner at The Rain Forest café, downtown on the River Walk.
As I usually do... I've added a couple of photos from the month of September that I felt were cute enough to make the cut.


At the beginning of October it was School Picture time.  I didn't think much of it at the time.  BUT, when I received the photos back, from the school... they really took my breath away!  My babies are truly growing up right before my eyes!
 Every Fall, one of my favorite things to do is to visit pumpkin patches.  We were fortunate enough to have a couple fairly near us.  This Twins love picking out their pumpkins and of course, I love any opportunity to snap more pictures.
 One evening, Rich & I decided to split up the kids and take them on special "outings".  Delilah and I spent the time together getting pedicures; dinner at Subway; Dessert at Bahama Bucks; and then shopping at Target.  Such a fun girls night out!!
Rich and Jett spent their evening at a Spurs game.  It was Jett's very first professional sports game and he loved it!  He especially enjoyed taking photos with the pretty Silver Dancers.  (He's such a flirt!!)
They poured the slab of our new home in October!  We were so excited!  We showed up to the lot to toast with some champagne and took the opportunity to scratch in our name and date into the garage foundation.  A little later in the month, we saw the sticks go up... we had a frame!!!  Every chance that we go up there, Jett & Delilah love playing with all of the scrap lumber.
We love to celebrate a special little girl's birthday, every October.  Little Ms Trinity turned 2 years old and Delilah and I had a great time at her pony party.  (Jett was under the weather so he sat this one out).
Rich signed up, at the elementary school, to be a part of the WATCH DOGS... Dads of Great Students.  Jett and Delilah were so thrilled and proud to have him there for the morning.  He came home exhausted!!
Grandy took Jett & Delilah on a very special "'venture".  They went to the butterfly gardens and then to lunch on the River Walk.  They really loved that several of the butterflies landed on them.
Every year, the Comal ISD promotes anti-drugs awareness by having the children dress up in silly/funny things throughout the week before Halloween.  There was Backwards Day; crazy sock day; super hero day. Jett & Delilah jumped right in and so did I!  They really got a kick out of "crazy hair day"!


And, of course... there's always the carving of the pumpkins!  Bleh!  The Twins love digging the slime out of them MORE than the actual carving.

One of Jett & Delilah's most favorite things is to go to the land and go fishing in the Spring Creek.  They are actually quite good at it and neither are afraid of holding the fish.  They are very excited about the thought of that creek being in their very own backyard.

For Halloween, we had our traditional pumpkin-shaped pizza.  We dressed up as a family again, and went as Super Heroes.  (Pretty easy since we had most of the stuff from their birthday party)  Grandy came over & so did Uncle Clarence, Aunt Milagros & Brisa.  Along with our  incredible neighbors... we had an awesome night of trick-or-treating with all of them.
And, here are the "extras":
Perler Bead creations


November started out a little slow... which was nice.  Lots of playing; baking; arts & crafts; & being silly.  Delilah also lost another tooth... I sure do love that little, snaggle-tooth smile.

We spent the Thanksgiving Holiday with the Walker's.  Their family made an amazing meal and we had a great time visiting and catching up.  We are truly blessed to be able to call these friends "Family".
The San Antonio Mom's of Multiples arranged a Santa photo session.  The kids got to sit on the big guy's lap and plead their case.  I love that they still believe in Santa Clause... it will be all too soon that it changes.
A couple of years ago, we started attending the Annual Lighting of the Bulverde Christmas Tree.  They have fake snow; Christmas caroler's; face painting; yummy treats; and even got to sit on Santa's lap.
Another loved tradition is our Christmas in Comfort outing.  It occurs on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and is always such a wonderful time.  We start out by having an early lunch in Boerne.  Then, in Comfort the kids get to decorate cookies; sip on hot chocolate; visit with Santa; & pet some animals at the petting zoo.  Our dear friends, the Strottner's joined us, again, this year.  A great time is always had when hanging out with these folks.
 We can't forget ol' Mickey, the Elf.  He ALSO reappears every November, to help keep an eye on Jett & Delilah and report any wrong-doings to Santa.  (At one point in the month, Delilah had lost a tooth... So, the tooth fairy had to remember to pay a visit PLUS Mickey needed to move. Whew!!)
One rather very sad thing occurred in November.  On Thanksgiving day, Guinness went outside to "sow some oats".  Well, he never came home.  We spread the word; circled the neighborhood what seemed like a thousand times & even put up "Reward" signs... all hoping our little buddy would return.  All to no avail.  He was a GREAT cat & he is sorely missed.


With the house all decorated we were ready for a full month of celebrating Christmas.  The kids love eating off of the special plates given to them by Aunt Carol.  They also look forward to the tiny pieces of chocolate they get to uncover every day, from their advent calendars.  I even made new stockings for the family this year.
Here are some of Mickey's escapades throughout the month:

With December comes the annual Family Photo Session. Thank goodness, our amazing friend, Michelle Strottner, took pity on us & took them for us.  We wanted a few last photos of our family enjoying this home, since next Christmas we will be living in Spring Branch.  So, we took them in the backyard, under our favorite tree... equipped with a wooden sign that Jennifer Anderson made back in school, that reads "The Anderson's"!
Another cherished tradition is our annual trip to Johnson City to see the Christmas lights.  The Strottner's, Uncle Clarence, Aunt Milagros, Brisa & Tucker  joined us.  We first had dinner at the The Pecan Street Brewery then dashed to the lights.  The kids had a wonderful time chasing each other; doing some fun crafts & just being silly.

BOTH kids lost teeth in December.  This was Jett's first tooth to come out but Delilah's 4th or 5th... I've lost count at this point.  All I know is that the tooth fairy is going to go broke at this rate!
To celebrate the Christmas holiday, Specht ES held some special events.  The kids got to dress up in their Christmas jammies and have a day watching Polar Express and drinking hot cocoa.  They also had a class party.  I sent some plastic ornaments, filled with bubble gum and a couple of books for the "book exchange".  They had snacks & did a couple of crafts.  Rich even read a book to the whole class.
There kinder class had a fun project for the kids to work on, at home, with the parents.  We had to make a Christmas tree using whatever we wanted.  Rich helped Delilah and I helped Jett with his. (I think this was Rich's first shot at using a hot-glue gun.  Hence, the welts he got on his fingers).
People often laugh at us... but, we LOVE taking the twins to see Christmas lights.  There's just something so magical about their little faces lit up brighter than the lights.  So, we took them to Windcrest to see the whole neighborhood.  We stop for hot cocoa and grab some sugar cookies to snack on along the route.

The month was busy but we still did all of the normal things... I baked using some of Mom's old recipes; did arts & crafts; decorated cookies; mailed letters to Santa; made gingerbread houses; delivered goodies to our sweet neighbors & read our favorite Christmas books by the fire.  Rich & I even managed to sneak away for a day-date of breakfast and Kahlua & coffee.

Rich was on-shift on Christmas Day this year.  So, we made "special arrangements with Santa" for him to visit our house on Christmas Eve morning.  Jett and Delilah were BEYOND excited to have Grandy spending the night with us for "2 whole nights".  So, on Dec. 23rd, they left cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  The even sprinkled some magic reindeer food so Santa would know where to land the sleigh.  Then, off to bed they went.  We stuffed their stockings full of goodies, and then settled in for an Irish Coffee. We even were able to sneak a picture of Old St. Nick leaving the gifts under the tree.

The twins woke up on Christmas Eve morning to find Santa had, in fact, gotten their letter about coming by a day earlier.  He had left roller skates; books; dolls; a remote control helicopter and a set of drums!!  (Yes, drums?!?!)  We played all morning & took a spin on the new skates.


Later on Christmas Eve, after a nice nap, we had our annual Open House.  A bit smaller this year but still tons of fun.  While we were missing Uncle Clarence, Aunt Milagros, Brisa, Odis & Delores Walker and a couple of others... we were blessed to have wonderful friends and family come by.  In addition to eating too much; drinking my signature drink for the night (candy cane shots) we played the Saran Wrap Ball game.  Always good for a ton of laughs!

Christmas day was very quiet, with Rich at the Station.  Chris took the Twins to Church mass and we all played some of the new games.  Then, we sang "Happy Birthday, Jesus", before going to bed.
MEET CHARLIE! We have another addition to the Anderson Family.  This is Charlie (Chaplain)... thanks to her amazing mustache!!  She was born in September and we are so happy to have her special, little presence in our home.
Here some extra photos from our amazing but oooohhhh-so-busy December...
Rangel & Associates Team Christmas Lunch


The end of 2016 had a slight hiccup in it.  We made reservations to have dinner, with the Strottner's, at Tokyo Steakhouse.  We thought Jett, Delilah & Owen would really love the show that the chef puts on.  Then, we were headed outside to shoot off an array of fireworks and planned on finishing the night across the street, at our neighbor's house, playing games. Well, right in the middle of dinner, Jett started running a pretty good fever.  Check please!  So, he & I spent the evening hanging out on the couch, & sweet Michelle kept us company.  Daddy, Delilah & the rest were able to set the sky on fire with beautiful fireworks!  Another fun tid-bit, that I want Delilah to learn, as she reads this when she's older... this was the very first year that she stayed awake the WHOLE evening, until 12am!  With Jett snug in his bed, Me, Rich & Lilah rang in 2017!!!
These days are marked by inches grown, closings completed & lives saved.  The Anderson family has had a very fulfilling year and we are all very blessed beyond measure. We are all anxiously awaiting what 2017 will bring as we start a new chapter in Spring Branch, Texas.
Good-bye for now!

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